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    Wednesday, March 31, 2010

    Review of Banglalink Internet speed!

    As we don't have 3G service in our country, so for mobile browsing we have to rely on EDGE.
    Now-a-days most of our mobile subscribers are providing EDGE service. In my last post I compared between GP & Banglalink internet.

    In my previous post “using Banglalink Internet” I wrote about Banglalink speed, then someone of my junior colleagues said about his Banglalink speed which is about 28kbps (where I get 15-16kbps).

    Yes It can happen, as these mobile internet services are based on location, data usage by other people under same BTS, distance fro BTS, obstruction from BTS.... so, I have checked my Banglalink internet speed again from speedtest.net!

    But, its almost same for me, I'm getting average 15-16kbps with lots of fluctuation.
    Here is the speedtest result.

    Don't know when we will able to use 3G in Bangladesh. Sad but true most of the south Asian countries have this service but we don't.

    Whats your net speed??

    Monday, March 29, 2010

    Banglalink pre-paid Internet vs Grameen phone pre-paid internet!

    Banglalink Internet, initially it was only present in post paid connection, but, for about one year its present both in pre paid and post paid connection.

    As a pre paid Banglalink subscriber, I use unlimited Banglalink pre paid connection.

    Grameen phone is the pioneer in mobile internet in Bangladesh. They provide various types prepaid internet service.

    But, now both company provide average internet service, here I'm comparing between these two mobile internet service provider.

    Here is the comparison between Grameen phone prepaid internet & Banglalink prepaid internet:

    1. 'unlimited internet' :

    Grameen phone doesn't have this service, if you are someone who have to go for lots of download, who has a rapid share account - obviously he can't go for 3GB limited internet.

    Here, Banglalink has the solution - they provide unlimited internet in prepaid connection.

    2. 'Value':

    Where Postpaid grameen phone value is 850tk monthly, there banglalink provides this service for 650tk monthly.
    Here, using banglalink is better than grameen phone.

    3. 'limited internet service':

    If you are some one who doesn't go for lots of download, but, you have to browse a lot and always need internet where ever you go and you don't want to give lots of money for internet. Then, you have to go for limited internet service.

    Here is no choice for you, as this service is present only in grameen phone prepaid internet. You can you 1gb or 3gb according to your need. But, if you use banglalink, you can not go for that kind of service.

    *but one thing to remember*
    Value of 3gb limited internet is more than Banglalink's unlimited one!

    4. 'speed':

    Hey, everyone knows about it, grameen phone is better than banglalink in this field. But, banglalink isn't bad as well. You can read my previous blog regardind banglalink internet.

    5. 'freedom of selecting call rate plan':

    Grameen phone provides this service, but banglalink doesn't. You must be a desh subscriber to use it!

    Sent from my Nokia phone

    What a cool weather now at Dhaka

    After a period of extrem hot weather for few days, which was further worsen by the recent series of electricity load sheding!

    Everyone is waiting for some cool weather along with some raining!

    Though load sheding is still beyond toleration, but this morning weather has become changed. Its really cool, with cool breezes....

    Sent from my Nokia phone

    Sunday, March 28, 2010

    I’ve made my blog’s facebook fan page

    Blog is the place to share information, thinking. So, its very important How you can connect your readers easily. In blogspot we get a option ‘Follow’ inbuilt given by Google, so, bloggers from other blogspot and twiple can easily connect with the blog.

    But, Facebook users don’t get those chances. For many days I was thinking about making a facebook page for my blog, but somehow I delayed. But today I have made it, now at the middle column just below the ‘About’ is the facebook fan box and at the right column just below my flag, there’s Google’s inbuilt ‘follow’ options.

    Hope it will help my followers to get blog posts more easily.

    'Aktel' has become 'Robi'

    The 3rd largest mobile company of bangladesh Aktel, which was initially backed by a TM company ltd is then sold to axiata but was going with its own previous name aktel, has now changed its name and logo. From Aktel it has become Robi.
    Robi has different pre paid and post paid call rate and various pre paid and post paid internet services.
    Hope, it'll come out with different new effective services, specially the most said 3G.
    Certainly Bangladesh mobile market has come out with different quick changes, starting from grameen phone's new call rate, then same kind of offer from Banglalink and now a new look of Aktel as Robi. And everyone is waiting for the next big change when warid will become Airtel Bangla. Everyone is expecting some new better services from the new Airtel and Robi in terms of call rate and internet.

    Photobucket  has become Photobucket

    Published from my Nokia phone

    Blogging on the go - email feature


    'blogging on the go'- I love the theme, sharing where ever you are, what ever you are doing. And I think, its the most important feature of sharing.

    'blogging on the go' gives you the independence of share as quick as possible. Or sharing at the time of any occurence.

    One can easily understand the usefulness of sharing on the go by the popularity of twitter mobile applications and by tweeting on the go!

    In my previous blog, I said about mobile features of wordpress. It has a mobile site to blog from your mobile device, which is very interesting in terms of blogging on the go.

    But, as I've stucked with my blogspot site, so I was finding some easy way to share at my blog. As for mobile blogging I used opera mini or sometimes opera mobile, its not bad but not very user friendly as like wordpress mobile site.

    Then yesterday I activated my blogspot mailing service, so that I can post directly from mobile.

    Saturday, March 27, 2010

    using Banglalink Internet!

    For regular internet use I prefer mobile internet connection. And I am using this internet service from the beginning of mobile internet in my country (Bangladesh). Initially I used Grameenphone internet, it’s the most popular mobile service provider in Bangladesh, supported by telenor. Their internet service is better than others. But sometimes the service fall down may be because of pressure of higher number of mobile usage under same BTS.
    Whatever, coming to the center of today’s topic, it’s about Banglalink internet.

    Banglalink is the second largest mobile service provider in Bangladesh which is supported by ORASCOM Telecom Ltd. I am a Banglalink subscriber for mobile usage, though normally I use Grameenphone for internet use. But this time I have changed to Banglalink, because its not easy to use 2 mobile sets always – one for talking, other for internet use.

    Moreover, I get some benefit here, which are not present in GP internet.

    I get unlimited package in pre paid, GP doesn’t provide this service.

    It’s cheaper than GP internet.

    Now I have checked the speed from speed test.

    Check it out,

    Not good, but not bad as well. If you think its Bangladesh and we do not have any 3G service provider yet.

    Blogging on the go (test)

    test blog

    Wednesday, March 24, 2010

    Golden time is waiting for Bangladesh Cricket!

    Huh, bangladesh has lost the second test!

    Actually our team played well this time from the begining of the test match (talking about 2nd beximco test match between bangladesh and england!). At 1st and 2nd day bangladesh was in the dominating side, but 3rd day was the crucial one. The match become equal in position. 1st session of day 4 was very very important and england did better there. England managed to take a lead of 95 runs, though this inings several umpire decisions went against bangladesh! What ever, england managed those lead. Then bangladesh started their 2nd inings well but, could not continue smoothly. Tamim's half century and then few 20 and 30s were enough to make 172 at the end of 4th day, but for this score they lost 6 valuable wickets! At the end of the day there were Shakib Al Hasan(captain and best alroundar) & Shafiqul (as night watch man)... Shakib takes the responsibility at the last day to bring bangladesh to a score so that they can fight back. He also scored a half century, sad but true I cann't say century. Cause he was 4 runs away from that! What ever, bangladesh throw a 209 runs challenge to england to win!

    After that, we expected some excitement, some tension.... Some interesting thing, or at least we wanted a draw!

    But with his 12th test century, A cook (captain of england side) secures a 9 wickets test victory!

    What ever, at least draw would a better result for our side!

    But, in this match Bangladesh has proved their development in all the sectors of test cricket, but lots a ways to go.

    Good luck Bangladesh cricket team! What ever the result, we all enjoyed the match upto the last our of the game. Golden time is waiting for you in near future!

    Wednesday, March 17, 2010

    I have handed over nokia 5800 to DHL


    At last the period is over, they said I was a period of 2 weeks... (but for me highly 2 days)!
    as you know, womworld nokia send me nokia 5800 for 2 weeks trial usage, The period was ended yesterday and I got mail from womworld. Then I contacted with DHL Bangladesh and handed over the device.
    Nokia 5800 XpressMusic Unlocked Phone with U.S. 3G, GPS with Free Voice Navigation, Wi-Fi, and 8 GB MicroSD Card--U.S. Version with Warranty (Black)
    Felt bad when I was packing the device for returning. What ever Its the process and I have to go through that. Now missing the net browsing of 3.2 inch touch screen.

    I felt, The device is really awesome for net browsing. What ever now my N82 is back in action.

    Here are few photos of initial unpacking of the device....

    In near future, I will right some more blogs regarding nokia 5800 usage and a comparison with N82.
    Nokia 5800 Navigation Edition Unlocked Phone with Free Voice Navigation and Nokia Navigation Accessory Kit--U.S. Version with Full Warranty Solid Black Silicone Gel Skin Cover Case + Screen Protector + Rapid Car Charger for Nokia XpressMusic 5800


    Friday, March 12, 2010

    Scratchpad for nokia 5800 ....

    Before getting nokia 5800 in hand from womworld, I wrote about scratchpad. What a software!! Wow, any one can replace a pen and noteboke with nokia touch screen phone having scratchpad.

    First I am explaining about scratchpad:
    Its a java based touch enabled application free of cost which is a 3rd party application made for writing by stulus in any nokia touch enabled phone. The concept is great and the build and features of the software is great as well.

    All those I thought before getting the device from womworld nokia. Sad but true I did not find this application that effective. Some times it can not recognise the touch of the stylus, some times iys just very slow. It would be a great tool for the touch enabled devices, if the developer of scratchpad develops it and make it more touch friendly and sensitive.

    I want to mention that nokia's own handwriting recognition tool is adequately touch sensitive and fast, if scratchpad can be made this level of touch sensitive thats enough from an users point of view.

    Hope we will get this kind of innovative touch softwares from nokia developers in near future.

    Thank you.
    (this post is published from nokia 5800)


    Started A new blog about ECG!!!

    Yes, at last I have started a new blog about ECG info named ECG blog. Here I am going to share basic ECG knowledge with some pathological condition of heart and ECG.

    I think as ECG is widely used in world for general investigation and as a cardiac specific investigation, so people must have some basic knowledge about this. And medical students must have adequate knowledge about this.

    So I have started this ECG blog.

    I will update this blog regularly. hope it will be helpful..
    Have a good day.. :-)


    The Complete Guide to ECGs  ECG Workout: Exercises in Arrhythmia Interpretation (Huff, ECG Workout)

    Thursday, March 11, 2010

    Time with friends and nokia 5800...

    Already you have known, I have got nokia 5800 from wom world for 2 weeks trial usage.

    I have passed a lot of time with this interesting device. Really its a nice device, today I bring it to my medical institute and have passed a very interesting time with friends by sharing the experience of nokia 5800.

    Now come to the center of the blog, what people are talking about the device??!!

    I have talked about the writing tools, games, video, net browsing and bloging.

    Starting from the writing tools, I get a diffarent types of comments from diffarent ones,
    1.alphanumeric: Interestinly most of my friends did not like the alphanumeric one, may be due to their regular usage and now people do not want to press twice or more for any letter. So form our conversation, alphanumeric got almost 0!

    2. Full qwerty: most of my net freak friends liked it very much. Not only them, I myself like it the most for texting and now using this tool for texting. One of my friends gave this writing tool a better complement ss it is better tool for texting than the qwert key pad ones, as its key areanis more than those and it requares a very little presure. For me, full marks goes to this tool.

    3. Mini qwerty: none showed any extra interest for this tool. I got, ok, fine, not bad kinda comments from them for this tool. Not get a better number for this!

    4. Here comes the last one (but not the least), its handwriting, for me which is nice but not that good like others. But I got some diffarent kinda comment from diffarent one, surprisingly most of them just liked it very much!! May be they didi it as the most innovative and interesting tool for touch device. It getd almost a 75% number.

    The next topic is games...
    Not very diffarent comment from diffarent one. Almost same, they all liked the games specially the motion games more than touch one. They liked touch games as well. But everyone liked the motion based rscing games the most. (I also like it the most).

    Now about video, everyone liked the vedio quality and they all said this linda touch devices are going to be the next media center not only for music but also for video. It supports mp4 formet and any blue ray or dvd when convert to this form really run nice in this device.

    Here comes the next topic net browsing and the last topic blogging!

    Everyone liked net browsing from here, they liked all the formets nokia original one, opera mini and opera mobile. But I personaly like opera mobile here, a complete net browser from mobile.

    Though none of my those friends were blogers, but all day said it is ra very bloging user friendly device.

    Now come to the main features, hows the touch interface (Im talking about touch interfase, not about the touch based symbian operating system), here most of the people did not like the device, as it is not very sensitive for pulp of the finger, rather, tip of the nail is much morw sensitive. My opinion is diffarent, with my 8 - 10 days usage I found it nice. Spme of my friends specially i phone users did not like the touch interfasen at all.

    Lastly we played with the camera, no doubt the 3.2 mega pixel camera is not the best for a this quality phone, they said, even the 2 mega pixel n series devices produce better photo than this. Everyone were saying their hope for a better camera in nokias latest touch device x6.

    With all the features puting in a line, Its a really ppwerful device aut has some lackings, if it would overcome those lackings, It would be the most ppwerful one among market.....

    Planing to write about diffarent net browsing software for nokia touch device and their advantages and disadvantage.


    Wednesday, March 10, 2010

    Next generation blogging devices....

    Theres no question about the popularity of bloging, theres lots of community and personal blog in the blogsphere...

    But, in this period of bloging evolution bloging devices have become changed and lots of new blogging friendly devices have come out....

    Starting from thr begining of bloging when most of the blogers used desktop pc as their bloging device. Still now,its the main bloging device, as most of the people use internet from desktop.

    But, now a days in market there are lots of new and interesting device for blogging.

    Among the new devices most popular one is net book pc, its nothing but the portable edition of the desktop pc. No doubt, its the most effective device for bloging as because of its mobility power. Its light weight and can be use anywhere and easy to carry.

    The main advantage is it provides all the facitilties which is given by desktop pc.

    Obviously the other device and the mostly important device for bloging is the smart phones. Now a days it is becoming very popular as because of mobility and it even dosen't require a bag for carrying. And almost all smart phone devices have in build internet function and use the mobile internet service of survice provider.

    The previous mobile devices are not so much user friendly but the new touch enabled devices are very user friendly as they have every kind of key psd starting from alphanumeric to qwerty along with handwriting system.
    I think for bloging, qwerty is the most effective, its really very fast and no doubt one bloger will enjoy this kinda service as they write most of the times.

    Not only that, mobile smart phones have diffarent 3rd party software for net browsing. Among them opera mini is the most popular but for diffarent kinda use and java support opera mobile is more interesting in the terms of usage.

    Now I am typing from nokia 5800 and using the qwerty system and no doubt its a pleasure.

    & I think in long run diffarent kind of mobile smsrt phones will be used as the major blog posing device.


    Tuesday, March 9, 2010

    ECG knowledge sharing….

    ECG is nothing but the graphical presentation of electrical activity of heart which is not only important for the cardiologist but also for physicians. From the starting of my final year I am very interested with ECG.

    I am more interested for clinical changes of ECG than the physiological changes (but everyone must have a very minimum physiological knowledge of the conductive system of heart)….

    Now, I give demo to several of my year mate friends about ECG & I like it very much… Have a plan to share this information here at my blog so that everyone get a chance to understand the change easily….


    Planing to have diffarent blog for diffarent topics.....

    Now I have several blogs, but all the blogs are running in a same tract, but I take this blog as my main blog. I like to blog in diffarent topics. I blog for mobile phones specially nokia mobiles, diffarent features and functions of mobile phones. I blog for open source operating system mainly for linux operating system-ubuntu, slax. Like to spread linux to other people.

    I blog for social networking systems.. For twitter and facebook.

    Not only the tech ones , but also I blog for medical related topics specially diseases related and surgery related topics alng with ECG.

    I blog for my country and I share the historical moments of Bangladesh.

    And I at last but not the least, I blog about my journry of life.....

    So, now I am planning to have diffarent blogspot blog on diffarent relevent topics....

    But I shall put all the updates and informations at this blog......

    Thank you. May be I will do this after my final mbbs examination.....

    Sunday, March 7, 2010

    You can earn from twitter

    You can easily earn from twitter.

    click here

    Ad.ly is a twitter advertising website. Register there and change your twitter into an earning one :-)

    Location sharing with twitter

    Now a days everyone try to share more than they did before. Location sharing is really interesting.

    It has become more interesting by maptwits. They make itso easy that one can share location based map with twitter, even not having any gps enabled device. :-)

    What you have to do, just go to maptwits.com from mobile or pc, write the name of location that you want to share at twitter. It will located at map, then just write what you wanna share and send to twitter.

    In twitter it will show your twitt and the map website.

    Very easy, not only very easy but also very interesting as well.

    Happy twitting :-)

    Saturday, March 6, 2010

    One touch facebook photo upload from nokia!!!

    Form many days Im searching some solution of easy photo sharing to facebook directly from nokia phone. I tried from my nokia n82 but failed, what I could do, I could upload by nokia mailing tools by attatching the photo.

    But, It was not user friendly at all. Then recently I have got nokia 5800 from womworld nokia for 2 weeks use. Here I have got an experience of using facebook application made for touch screen nokia symbian devices. The application is really nice & user friendly. Its really so easy to upload photo to any album! Great application, I wrote about this application at my previous blog.

    Yes, iys a solution for the touch based symbian nokia devices, but what about the other ones as like n82, n95 & the other n series and e series phones (symbian phones)??

    Then I have got a great plug in for all these device (symbian devices having nokia share 3)! Its furtiv facebook plug in. Its a really awesome tools, may be its the best and no doubt the easiest one of all tools. I have used it from nokia n82 & from nokia 5800. Its nice from all these phones.

    Whats the nice features for this tooll??

    You can upload any photo just by one click after taking the photo.
    It will act as an extention of nokia share.
    no need to log in to any software, just post the photo directly from the camera or gallery application.

    What you have to do?

    Just go to ovi application, search as facebook plug in furtiv,
    you will get it, its a very small plug in, download it to your mobile.
    Then open the application, it will take some time and then press the activate button.

    Thats it!!

    Now set your account by logging in to facebook.

    Now after taking photo or from gallery you can upload directly to facebook by using publish to web!!!

    Isn't it great????

    (the blog is written and published from nokia 5800)

    Thursday, March 4, 2010

    Facebook sharing by nokia touch screens....

    Its not necessary to say anything about facebook, rather its necessary to say how easily you can post photo to facebook directly from your phone!!!
    Nokia E63-2 Unlocked Phone with 2 MP Camera, 3G, Wi-Fi, Media Player, and MicroSD Slot--U.S. Version with Warranty (Ultramarine Blue)
    Coming to the center of the topic.... Its all about facebook sharing from cell phone and specially about photo sharing on the go! I am a n82 user and I used lots of applications to upload photo directly to facebook... Used diffarent types of softwares.. Some were little use frendly too, but not as like as the nokia facebook software for touch screen phones. (Im using from nokia 5800).
    Nokia 5800 Navigation Edition Unlocked Phone with Free Voice Navigation and Nokia Navigation Accessory Kit--U.S. Version with Full Warranty
    Its really a pleasure... Just touch the camera button on the top of the left side of the screen...

    You will get option from which you want to upload photo, from gellary or direcly after taking...

    After selecting the photo, you can tag it and can upload to the desired album....

    Its so fast and easy as well!!

    Just now I have uploaded one test photo to my facebook account.

    Hope in near future new type of features will be added with this application...


    Wednesday, March 3, 2010

    Writing in touch screen nokia....

    Yesterday I received nokia 5800 from womworld nokia. It took few time for me to become used to with the phone. But yesterday I found it as a really great device with lots of function, but the main portion of functionality yet to come because lots lots field of development is present un the touch devices....

    Now concentrate to the point of the subject which us the writing functionality of the device....

    All of you know about the 4 writing system present at this phone.
    1. alphanumeria
    2.mini qwerty keyboard
    4.full qwerty keyboard

    1st one is very popular with no doubt, but the question arises with the rest ones ... Which one is better, which one is more quicker and specially - about user friendlyness!

    For me, full qwerty is the best one. If you are one, who texts a lot, update your social statuses regularly, think to share first at your blog, think to give a comment at your national news paper web site...... I think, you will like qwerty the most. As it is very easy and very fast. The keybord requires a very minimus press so your finger shall not have any exaution very soon (it occurs with me when i write anything lengthy at my n82).
    the keys are large enough even for a person who have a large fingers.

    It takes highly one day to get used to with this type of writing system.

    For me, the second user friendly system is handwriting!
    its really very interesting and if you practice the handwriting, its also a very good tools for writing...

    For me, among these four, the last one is mini qwerty... You should have the stylus in your hand for writing.... Which is not possible always!

    Now I am writing from the nokia 5800 in qwerty mood.... Really very easy and fast....

    I think for bloggers this type of writing tools are great... Not only or bloggers, but also for the studnts....

    I shall talk about the usefullness of this phone for students very soon....


    Tuesday, March 2, 2010

    At last, now its at my hand!!!

    In my previous blog, I have already said about my
    selection from wom world nokia regarding trial
    use of nokia 5800! Today I get it at noon when DHL
    delivery boy delivered it at my home.
    Now Im posting from this mobile… This is really a
    nice phone… In near future Im going to write few
    reviews about it…..
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