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    Saturday, February 27, 2010

    Blogspot or wordpress? Mobile blogging..... :-?

    For blogging blogspot is my choice, mainly because of a wide range of free given themes and 3rd party templates as well!

    But, with free wordpress account it is not possible to use 3rd party templates, one have to choice among the given themes!!

    But, theres one interesting thing which I noticed before, but did not feel the importance. Its nothing but the mobile blogging!

    Yes! Mobile blogging!

    Basicaly Im a mobile blogger and post most of my blogs from my mobile (nokia N82). For me sharing or blogging on the go, or in a small break is just great! Doesnt matter,how much busy you are! At the time of a small break with a hot tea or coffe you can give a effective post with your mobile!

    Lets come to the main point! Mobile blogging express 2 side of blogging, not only publishing but also reading! When I directed to any blogspot link from my mobile,it brings the original page and takes more time and money(if anyone use 'pay as you go' net service)! But, if you go to any wordpress site from your phone (both phone browser & 3rd party browsers) it brings first to a wap enabled mobile site, whice saves time and money! If you have interest to visit the standard one, dosent matter, go to the 'standard' link!!

    Now, what about posting facility??
    In blogspot, for mobile blogging they say direct emailing! Sad But True, they do not have any mobile brower for easy mobile blogging!!
    Here is the diffarence between blogspot and wordpress in terms of mobile blogging!!

    Its very very easy, fast and cost effective to post in wordpress!
    Just,go to m.wordpress.com from your mobile browses or opera mini or any 3rd party net browser for your mobile! Log in using your wordpress account. Then by selecting 'post' you can post easily to your blog!!

    I think in terms of mobile blogging wordpress is the winner!!!

    I have a wordpress (sarja's wordpress) blog for few months but have not used yet!! But, now I planning to go with that one ( nhsarja.wordpress.com ) and I'll continue my blogspot as well!


    Im publishing this post from Nokia N82!
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