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    Monday, April 19, 2010

    Grameen Phone Internet: GP new mini internet package for prepaid!

    Grameenphone provides the best mobile internet service in Bangladesh. Grameenphone has different internet packages for both pre paid and post paid users.

    Internet speed of Grameenphone is better than other mobile operators in Bangladesh, though it doesn't support 3G services yet. Still now we have to be satisfied with EDGE internet as it is the best mobile internet in Bangladesh.

    As I've said before, Grameenphone has different internet packages in their language they says these as Package1 to 6.

    Now they have come out with new package for prepaid users, named as P7 or you can say it as mini internet package!

    At first I thought its not very useful package for pre paid users, but Today when I thought deeply I noticed, I was wrong. Actually its nice for prepaid users, who use net only from mobile and not usage much net only regular facebook update with regular twitting along with regular mail check and some form of mobile browsing.

    Hey I haven't said about the package yet!!!
    Its a mini internet package where you can use Internet with 15MB limit for 29Tk with a validity period of 15 days. And you can use more than 1 package according to our use.

    If you are interested, come on – send a message writing p7 to 5000, thats it!!

    1 interesting thing!!!

    Do you know if you use internet on the go package, then for 15MB how much you have to pay????

    its 307.20 Tk without vat!!!! 
    If you are a regular mobile internet user of Bangladesh, use facebook, twitter, mig33 from mobile with regular mail check and some browsing through Opera mini, then Think again, may be this package has made targeting you, as 29Tk is lesser than 307.20Tk for sure!!!!

    To check the P7 data limit, you have to dial *566*1#

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