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    Thursday, May 13, 2010

    Grameenphone internet : GP pre paid internet packages

    Grameenphone, which is the best mobile company in Bangladesh in terms of internet use, has different types of packages for any kind of GP pre paid package sohoj, bondhu, apon, djuice!
    All of them have bounded data limit except the pay as you go offer. Its good in terms of fair usage policy.

    Here is the packages for pre paid grameenphone internet!

    Package 1 : P1 : pay as you go
    Its the basic offer and the oldest as well. If you use internet, you'll pay according to your data usage not according to the time of usage.
    Rate is .02Tk per KB

    Numerically second offer for pre paid is P4. ( P2 and P3 is only for post paid now)

    Package 4 : P4 : One day 150MB
    Its the offer which was one the most popular offer when it came out 1st. You can use 150MB of data by 12 am after you have started the offer.

    Charge per package 60tk without vat.

    Type p4 and send it to 5000

    Package 5 : P5 : monthly 3GB internet
    Its the monthly internet service where the Data limit is 3GB. Nice one for moderate user who browses a lot and seldom download any large file.

    Monthly charge 700tk without vat.

    Type p5 and send it to 5000

    Package 6 : P6 : monthly 1GB internet
    Its the monthly internet service where the Data limit is 1GB. Nice one for moderate mobile user who seldom browses from pc or laptop.

    Monthly charge 300tk without vat.

    Type p6 and send it to 5000

    Package 7 : P7 : mini package internet
    Its the 15 days internet service where the Data limit is 15MB. Nice one for regular mobile net user who just love to update the facebook and twitter a lot seldom browse any large site from mobile.

    Charge per package 29tk without vat.

    Type p7 and send it to 5000

    Data usage limit check up is important!

    They have made it easy to check data usage and to know the remaining data.
    You have to dial *566*10# from your phone and GP will give all information related your remainig data limit!

    But for p7, its *566*1#

    Still now Bangladesh internet penetration is extremely low in comparison with total population! Hope the new technologies will make it easy and user friendly so that the internet penetration ratio of Bangladesh will increase.


    Further info::
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