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    Sunday, March 28, 2010

    I’ve made my blog’s facebook fan page

    Blog is the place to share information, thinking. So, its very important How you can connect your readers easily. In blogspot we get a option ‘Follow’ inbuilt given by Google, so, bloggers from other blogspot and twiple can easily connect with the blog.

    But, Facebook users don’t get those chances. For many days I was thinking about making a facebook page for my blog, but somehow I delayed. But today I have made it, now at the middle column just below the ‘About’ is the facebook fan box and at the right column just below my flag, there’s Google’s inbuilt ‘follow’ options.

    Hope it will help my followers to get blog posts more easily.

    'Aktel' has become 'Robi'

    The 3rd largest mobile company of bangladesh Aktel, which was initially backed by a TM company ltd is then sold to axiata but was going with its own previous name aktel, has now changed its name and logo. From Aktel it has become Robi.
    Robi has different pre paid and post paid call rate and various pre paid and post paid internet services.
    Hope, it'll come out with different new effective services, specially the most said 3G.
    Certainly Bangladesh mobile market has come out with different quick changes, starting from grameen phone's new call rate, then same kind of offer from Banglalink and now a new look of Aktel as Robi. And everyone is waiting for the next big change when warid will become Airtel Bangla. Everyone is expecting some new better services from the new Airtel and Robi in terms of call rate and internet.

    Photobucket  has become Photobucket

    Published from my Nokia phone

    Blogging on the go - email feature


    'blogging on the go'- I love the theme, sharing where ever you are, what ever you are doing. And I think, its the most important feature of sharing.

    'blogging on the go' gives you the independence of share as quick as possible. Or sharing at the time of any occurence.

    One can easily understand the usefulness of sharing on the go by the popularity of twitter mobile applications and by tweeting on the go!

    In my previous blog, I said about mobile features of wordpress. It has a mobile site to blog from your mobile device, which is very interesting in terms of blogging on the go.

    But, as I've stucked with my blogspot site, so I was finding some easy way to share at my blog. As for mobile blogging I used opera mini or sometimes opera mobile, its not bad but not very user friendly as like wordpress mobile site.

    Then yesterday I activated my blogspot mailing service, so that I can post directly from mobile.

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