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    Thursday, January 21, 2010

    Now its 1 year!

    Ya, now the duration has become 1 year for me as a blogger. I have started blogging in my mother language in prothom alo blog 1 year back, then i started at somewhere in blog, amarblog, opera blog... And from few months I am regular with my personal english and bangla blog at blogspot.

    Real I feel a sharpe line of diffarance between the non blogger and community blogger. Community blog is real a great place for any positive move and personal blog also play a great role for these.

    As I have noticed in one year, most of bloggers are logicaly strong and proffesionaly effective than others as they just don't have only a very limited knowledge rathe they have a broad spectrum thinking and knowledge.
    Bloggers realy think logically to go with fellow bloggers thinking, and if think diffarently,then protest them at a same lavel playing ground with logical move......

    What ever, due to my block posting in last year medical mbbs study i am passing realy a very busy time with my medical studies so get a very small time ... actualy dont get enough time for blogging.... Hope i will back properly at blogging after my final mbbs exam...
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