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    Monday, August 23, 2010

    Location based tweet : How to share geotagged / location aware tweet at twitter via Nokia


    Now a days, Twitter is giving more importance in location based tweet.  And due to built in GPS services at Mobile phones it has become very easy. There are lots of Nokia application out there for this kind of geotagged tweet. But gravity and twibble is the popular ones.

    How To Do::

    1st you have to change some setting at twitter :
    Log in twitter -> settings -> account -> Mark the Add a location to your tweets
    Now download gravity or twibble to your symbian Nokia device

    Gravity GPS settings :

    Start Gravity -> Options -> Tools -> GPS to clipboard (wait until the moving button at bottom become off)
    -> now during writing tweet  press the up button (in non touch phone) or press the GPS (touch phone) and wait until it become yellow or green.

    Twibble GPS settings:

    Start twibble -> refresh the time line (it happens automatically, if you don’t change the settings) -> menu -> Location -> Start GPS (Now wait until it get GPS connection) when it’ll get GPS connection it’ll show GPS at the topmost bar and during writing tweet the exact location is shown at top bar) -> tweet now it’ll be automatically Geotagged now)

    How a geotagged tweet looks like::

    It looks like normal tweet but there will be a location logo just below the tweet  and when one will click the button it’ll start a mini Google map there and the location from where the tweet is been shared.

    Simply, one geo tagged tweet can say lot more words than a non geotagged tweet!!

    Here is one of my geotagged tweet which I shared from Bashudhara city(largest shopping mall of Bangladesh)
    Geotagged Tweet
      you can follow me at twitter @n_h_sarja

    Friday, August 20, 2010

    Nokia Geo-tagged Photo :: How to capture geo-tagged photos from Nokia phone


    Geotag is the system by which your captured photo will bear the information of the location from which the photo is taken. The information will be present in the meta data of the photo.

    Initially, to capture Geotagged photo minimum 2 devices (One camera or Camera mobile and one GPS receiver) were required. But now by using the newer mobile phones it has become very easier.

    Most of the newer mobile devices have built in GPS receiver and with the help of this built in GPS receiver one can easily captured photo with geotagging!

    Most of the new nokia mobile phones have built in GPS receiver, so its easily to capture geo tagged photo using these mobiles. And, if you have this kinda mobile, so why won't you share the GPS located photos at your twitter share or facebook share or directly at your facebook album, picasa album, flicker or panoramio???


    to share geo tagged photo directly (from nokia mobile) to facebook, you can read these 2 posts below:

    So, its easy to capture geotagged photo using your built in GPS device!!

    Settings :

    • Go to 'Camera' of your Nokia mobile
    • Now go to 'Options'
    • scroll down to go to 'Settings'
    • Here you will find 'Record location' and go there
    • make it 'On'

      Thats it, Now your Nokia mobile is capable to take Geotagged photo.

      How to captured:
      You have to be under open sky (not always required, but indoor photos take a long time to be Geotagged.

      On the camera _ Now you will notice a 'Dish' logo / icon or a 'Tag' logo / icon at the bottom line of camera.

      Initially it would have a cut marking over it (DISH) or a cut line (Tag)

      Wait upto the mobile become Geo-tagged – When it will be geo tagged – the cut marking will go away.

      Now, you can capture photo and that will be geotagged by itself.
      Share these photos with geo location at facebook or twitter (using furtiv or mobypicture) or at flicker, picasa album or at OVI share!!

      I'm sharing a photo hat I shaed at moypicture ad which is geotgged!!

      Posted using Mobypicture.com
      you will find the locaton at ight coumn of the picture!!

      Direct steps → Camera → Options → Settings → Record Location → On → Wait to get GPS data → Capture the photo


      Friday, August 13, 2010

      Twitter button :: wordpress.com :: tweet the blog


      Wordpress.com is a very popular media for free blogging. You will get many facilities of famous wordpress.org application there. But not all the facilities!

      You can't put any java scripts there. Can't edit the blog according to your need. Even you can't add the retweet button or facebook share or like button easily!

      On the other side recently blogger.com provides share facilities in build to its new design. Or, if you use some other themes (which I do) you can add different types of share button at your blog including facebook like, facebook share, retweet button! I like the facilities of apture as well!

      But I think in terms of blogging wordpress.com is more user friendly and lots of different blogging application for wordpress is present over internet!

      ::twitter button::
      Recently wordpress.com has added the service of twitter button. Its cool and interesting as it'll show the number of share at twitter media as well! Great addition!

      Set up:
      1. Log in to your wordpress.com

      2. Go to your blog's dashboard

      3. Go to 'extras'

      4. Select the twitter button!

      Thats it! It's an great addition for wordpress.com

      Happy blogging!

      Published from my Nokia phone

      Thursday, August 12, 2010

      Mobypicture : How to Upload photo at facebook directly from Nokia : nokia share online

      In my last post I wrote about furtiv, a nokia share online plug in to upload photo directly to your facebook account with the famous one click upload!
      Yes, I use furtiv and I have furtiv settings at my nokia n82, but I mentioned I use another system for sharing photo via my nokia at online media!
      Yes, its mobypicture.com!
      Its the service by which I can upload photo directly to any online media _ social network _ facebook, microblog _ twitter, tumblr, blog _ blogger, wordpress and so on!
      Hence I love mobypicture!
      Have more than I facebook account, doesn't matter, mobypicture will upload at all those facebook accounts!

      Mobypicture has its own site and you have your own account there!
      Ya, mobypicture is more than a plug in for nokia share online, rather it itself is a photo sharing site from your mobile! And you have to resister at this site using your e mail or you can use your existing twitter account for log in!
      Geotagging system of mobypicture is really awesome, they'll give you a mobymap for your geotagged photos like google map, where you can watch your location from where you took the photos!
      It is one of the greatest feature of mobypicture!
      Set up: (via twitter)
      1. Go to www.mobypicture.com or m.mobypicture.com
      2. Log in via your twitter account!
      3. Now at your account page you'll notice one mail at right column (your id.4 digits@mobypicture.com) note these 4 digits as this 4 digits will required for your nokia share online setup!
      4. Setup your facebook. Services-> +facebook -> authentication!
      5.you can edit the service as it can post both status upload and photo to mobypicture.com album!
      6. Now, go to 'our apps' and select nokia.
      7. Download the plug in from post using share online (if you download at your mobile, then install it, if you download at your pc, then transfer it to mobile and install it)
      8. After installation go to share online of your mobile
      9. Go to Mobypicture.com and give your username and 4 digits pin (remember, this pin isn't your password,its the pin which was give in those mail address I mentioned before)
      10. Done, now start uploading photos on the go via nokia share online!

      How to geotag your photos, its easy!
      Go to camera, options, settings, make the record location on!
      Now wait for the dish icon change :)
      Both furtiv and mobypicture is great solution for facebook photo upload!
      But as I've said mobypicture.com is much more featureable that furtiv.
      You can check my photo blog - photos can speak - photo-blog-sarja.blogspot.com
      You can check my mobymap here www.mobypicture.com/user/n_h_sarja/map
      For java phones you can upload via facebook inbuild email uploadar or mobypicture email uploadar! I'll explain about these features later!
      Now, share photo on the go at facebook and be happy!
      Sent from my Nokia phone

      Monday, August 9, 2010

      Furtiv : How to Upload photo at facebook directly from Nokia : nokia share online

      Photo sharing on the go is a cool service and its more effective than the traditional photo sharing from desktop or laptop!
      You can do it from your Nokia phone via different tools!
      & Furtiv is one of them! (symbian phone based and requires nokia share online support)

      furtiv _ one social media solution for Nokia by which you can directly share photo or video to facebook!

      Furtiv is simple and kinda straight forward nokia share online tools. Easy to set up, easy to upload!

      One key uploadar! 
      Yes, you can upload any photo just after taking it via share online!

      Location awareness : Geotag is present!
      I love the in built geo tag feature of nokia as I can say from where I've captured this photo! Its really cool and informative, even one photo can speak a story more specifically when it is tagged with geo location!

      Set up:
      1. Go to furtiv.mobi from your mobile browser
      2. Select facebook plug-in
      3. Activate your facebook plug in via share online
      4. Done! Now start uploading on the go! :-)

      #geotag photos & facebook
      Sad but true, facebook doesn't provide this function, but 3rd party applications can easily do it for you and furtiv is concerned about geo location sharing!

      What to do?
      Nothing complicated!
      if your photos are geotaged then furtiv itself will give a map link beside the name of the photo mentioning the exact geo location of the photo!

      There are some other popular plug-ins beside furtiv! Furtiv is cool, but I personally use another plug in! And email uploadar is great for any kind of java based phones!
      I'll discuss about thoses ones later! Now set up furtiv and share photo on the go!
      You can follow furtiv at twitter

      After sharing the 1st photo, you'll find it in a new album named furtiv photos, you can change the name of this album and edit the album, change the privacy settings and can switch photos to other album as well!
      Published from my Nokia phone

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      Tuesday, August 3, 2010

      success of 1st Bangladeshi pro Golfer – Siddikur Rahman

      Cricket – yes its the most popular sports in this region, and in terms of International success, Cricket is the most successful sports in comparison with other sports. If you think the next one - no doubt its Football.

      But this time success come from Golf. Siddikur Rahman became the first Bangladeshi golfer to win on the Asian Tour when he triumphed in a play-off at the Brunei Open on 1st August.

      Congratulation Siddikur Rahman, its a great achievement for Bangladesh. We trust, now Golf will become popular in Bangladesh.

      He said to the tour web site :

      “It is very exciting. I’m the first Bangladeshi to play on the Asian Tour and in the two years that I’m on Tour, I have finally won a tournament. I hope to inspire more people to take up the game of golf in Bangladesh. This is a good victory for me and my country.”
      I salute his hard working nature, which helps him to reach this height, you know, he is the person who starts as a Ball Boy at Kurmitola Golf Club.

      His hard work to reach his dream made him the first pro Golfer of Bangladesh & he is still trying to reach the height of his dream. We all pray and hope for that.

      And, our government and media should focus and encourage this kind of personal achievement in any sector. It'll encourage others to work in new field which isn't popular in Bangladesh yet. Not only the media and government, sponsors should give emphasis for this kind of new sports & innovative works.

      Great Go, Bangladesh. :)
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