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    Friday, August 13, 2010

    Twitter button :: wordpress.com :: tweet the blog


    Wordpress.com is a very popular media for free blogging. You will get many facilities of famous wordpress.org application there. But not all the facilities!

    You can't put any java scripts there. Can't edit the blog according to your need. Even you can't add the retweet button or facebook share or like button easily!

    On the other side recently blogger.com provides share facilities in build to its new design. Or, if you use some other themes (which I do) you can add different types of share button at your blog including facebook like, facebook share, retweet button! I like the facilities of apture as well!

    But I think in terms of blogging wordpress.com is more user friendly and lots of different blogging application for wordpress is present over internet!

    ::twitter button::
    Recently wordpress.com has added the service of twitter button. Its cool and interesting as it'll show the number of share at twitter media as well! Great addition!

    Set up:
    1. Log in to your wordpress.com

    2. Go to your blog's dashboard

    3. Go to 'extras'

    4. Select the twitter button!

    Thats it! It's an great addition for wordpress.com

    Happy blogging!

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