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    Sunday, December 27, 2009

    Dual sim Dual standby mobile... :-)


    Nokia has not introduced any dual sim dual standby mobile; rather this culture (feature) rather started by the non-brand Chinese mobiles.... but now some of the giants are following this as like samsung, LG, Philips, Acer... (all have come out with dual sim dual standby phone) but among them samsung Duos series is far ahead then others....

    But there are lots of dual sim dual standby mobile in the market of south asia (India, Bangladesh,Pakistan)... these sets are cheap than the brand ones....

    These phones were not much popular to every group of people, as most of these were only simple basic phone.... but things are changing.... now lots of new Chinese non-brand mobile comes with in build facebook feature, opera mini for browsing, Qwerty keypad, java support... even with some warranty services....



    not bad for a very low price...

    In Bangladesh Symphony, cellOne; in India Micromax, Karbon and many unpopular brand and non brand phones are available....

    Planning to take a new Chinese Qwerty keypad mobile...... (hope for a normal day to day use beside Nokia N82,it will be useful)


    Wednesday, December 16, 2009

    Today is our victory day :-)


    Today 16 Dec is our victory day, at this day we won the war against Pakistanand get our own land Bangladesh in 1971.

    Sad but true, still now we can not make the Justice of war criminals ofLiberation war in 1971 rather, by doing different type of politics they establish themselves in a better position!!

    Sad but true, we still shout against those war criminals for the justice!!!

    What ever, at least now a days we are watching a new flow of Respect for the countries in the young generation...... hope, this will lead to the Real Bangladesh for which our freedom fighters fought a 71.....

    Figure: Flag of Bangladesh


    How to make partition at Hard disk using UBUNTU live CD!!


    Its very easy to make or delete – more over maintaining partition from a UBUNTU live CD.

    As the ubuntu is free (open source) so this procedure doesn't require any money.

    What yo have to do:

    insert an ubuntu live cd at your CD rom

    restart your PC (if live CD doesn't start normally, please set CD/DVD as the first priority for Boot)

    Live CD will run normally

    Select ENGLISH as language first,

    Select 'Try ubuntu without any change to Computer'

    After few times our PC will be started with live ubuntu

    go to terminal – (Application → Accessories → Terminal)

    write ' gksudo gparted ' and give the access if needed

    it will satrt Gparted and now you can easily maintain, change (size and type of partition).



    Wednesday, December 2, 2009

    AVRO keyboard for ubuntu and Linux mint!

    Avro is Phonetic based most popular Bangla keyboard. At first, it was only for windows user, but now linux user can use it.

    Avro keyboard
    avro – ভাষা হোক উন্মুক্ত

    Ubuntu and mint users (32bit) can use AVRO!

    Here is the procedure:

    Avro (অভ্র) Settings for Ubuntu 9.10 (karmic koala) and Linux mint 8 (Helena):

    Download a Debian package of avro scim from here   

    Double click the scim and install the package:

    then go to terminal (to bring terminal press Alt+F2 and select the run in terminal)
    write im-switch -c in box.

    avro terminal command
    avro terminal command

    Then → Run.

    Then this terminal box will come:

    avro scim terminal
    avro scim terminal

    press 5 (scim) and enter.

    Then log out and log in to see the effect.

    Cntrl+Space will act as switching between the avro and English keyboard.

    avro ubuntu
    Avro ubuntu


    Tuesday, December 1, 2009

    Show magic with Slax~~~~ :-)


    I was finding a portable Operating system for few days, at last I get slax!!!
    Its a portable and small operating system for any PC (which can boot from removable drive)!!!
    Its relay fast, even in slow PC. Its based on KDE, and by different modules one can increase the functions...

    Language setup-
    It has all the normal local language set up. I set Bangla and set Provat for my keyboard, working great.

    To change fonts-
    its very easy, just right click the font and click install! (You can set your favourate Unicode based font)

    Web browser-
    for web browser it has Firefox. (nothing to explain about Firefox...)

    You can show magic very easily to people who do not know about this OS, you can even play any mkv (HD) files to a PC which windows doesn't have codec(require DivX player) to play those files with slax....

    Even you can save DATA from a seriously virus infected PC without having any virus...

    Blogging on the go - next blogging friendly devices!!!

    Now a days,due to development of cell phones and mobile internet, blogging become very easier.

    Net books are becoming more and more popular than laptops, because, easy to carry and easy to use anywhere with a longer backup charge!!

    And the smart phones as black berry, iphone, windows mobiles, android phones, symbian all are net specific... Even the java based phones due to opera mini is becoming more and more net friendly.....

    Recently, mobile providers are making phones with quartary key pad more as these phones are not only phones for talk rather devices to connecting by phone call, sms, email, social networks, blogs ......

    So, i think, next devices for blogging is cell phones....
    Even now, nokia e series phones are great for blogging and n series as well.

    I am making these blog from my N82...

    Not only english, I can maintain my bangla blog from n82 using indisms software (a phonetic based bangla & local indian language unicode typing software for symbian phones).

    Photo upload is easy...

    As I can upload photo directly to photobucket from my phone and then take the html code to post at blog...

    Life has become more fast....

    So,many bloggers dont get enough time to spent infront of desktop rather home....
    So, its easier to blog during a break frome smart phones....
    And,people wana share any important matter soon at their blog,its easier due to these net based or net specific cell phones! :-)

    So, I think, the next blogging friendly devices are the net specific cell phones.....

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