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    Sunday, October 3, 2010

    Facebook from Grameenphone : Updating facebook by SMS

    I didn't know about the service from the beginning, but yesterday when I caome to know that banglalink has introduced this facebook sms service, I gave an status at facebook, and some of my friends informed about the GP facebook sms services.

    So, I tried it and become successful!!

    Its a great step for country like Bangladesh – where Internet penetration is very low but mobile phone covers a wide network, I know many people who use facebook but don't have internet enabled set or don't use internet from their cell phones, so SMS is a great option/doorway for them!!

    Now... come to the features .. what to do....?

    Its very simple – type fb and send sms to 2555

    at the return message you will get a code and a link, if you are from a net enabled mobile phone, then its better you follow the link and give your mail add and password if you aren't previously logged it via mobile net!!

    if you aren't from any net enabled device, then go to facebook → account → Account settings → Mobile and give the confirmation code for the respective number.

    Thats it!!

    Now you can post your status via text sms from your number & interestingly get some notification (Message, Add request, Comment at photo) for free of cost!!!!

    How to update status from GP via sms??
    Type a sms starting by is and send to 2555

    Even you can do other things via sms:

    you can send message, post to friends wall, add friends, get friends cell number and so on....
    to know the sms settings in details please click here

    Thats it, its better to have the sms access with your number.

    Thank you – Have a nice Day!!
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