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    Wednesday, March 3, 2010

    Writing in touch screen nokia....

    Yesterday I received nokia 5800 from womworld nokia. It took few time for me to become used to with the phone. But yesterday I found it as a really great device with lots of function, but the main portion of functionality yet to come because lots lots field of development is present un the touch devices....

    Now concentrate to the point of the subject which us the writing functionality of the device....

    All of you know about the 4 writing system present at this phone.
    1. alphanumeria
    2.mini qwerty keyboard
    4.full qwerty keyboard

    1st one is very popular with no doubt, but the question arises with the rest ones ... Which one is better, which one is more quicker and specially - about user friendlyness!

    For me, full qwerty is the best one. If you are one, who texts a lot, update your social statuses regularly, think to share first at your blog, think to give a comment at your national news paper web site...... I think, you will like qwerty the most. As it is very easy and very fast. The keybord requires a very minimus press so your finger shall not have any exaution very soon (it occurs with me when i write anything lengthy at my n82).
    the keys are large enough even for a person who have a large fingers.

    It takes highly one day to get used to with this type of writing system.

    For me, the second user friendly system is handwriting!
    its really very interesting and if you practice the handwriting, its also a very good tools for writing...

    For me, among these four, the last one is mini qwerty... You should have the stylus in your hand for writing.... Which is not possible always!

    Now I am writing from the nokia 5800 in qwerty mood.... Really very easy and fast....

    I think for bloggers this type of writing tools are great... Not only or bloggers, but also for the studnts....

    I shall talk about the usefullness of this phone for students very soon....

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