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    Wednesday, March 10, 2010

    Next generation blogging devices....

    Theres no question about the popularity of bloging, theres lots of community and personal blog in the blogsphere...

    But, in this period of bloging evolution bloging devices have become changed and lots of new blogging friendly devices have come out....

    Starting from thr begining of bloging when most of the blogers used desktop pc as their bloging device. Still now,its the main bloging device, as most of the people use internet from desktop.

    But, now a days in market there are lots of new and interesting device for blogging.

    Among the new devices most popular one is net book pc, its nothing but the portable edition of the desktop pc. No doubt, its the most effective device for bloging as because of its mobility power. Its light weight and can be use anywhere and easy to carry.

    The main advantage is it provides all the facitilties which is given by desktop pc.

    Obviously the other device and the mostly important device for bloging is the smart phones. Now a days it is becoming very popular as because of mobility and it even dosen't require a bag for carrying. And almost all smart phone devices have in build internet function and use the mobile internet service of survice provider.

    The previous mobile devices are not so much user friendly but the new touch enabled devices are very user friendly as they have every kind of key psd starting from alphanumeric to qwerty along with handwriting system.
    I think for bloging, qwerty is the most effective, its really very fast and no doubt one bloger will enjoy this kinda service as they write most of the times.

    Not only that, mobile smart phones have diffarent 3rd party software for net browsing. Among them opera mini is the most popular but for diffarent kinda use and java support opera mobile is more interesting in the terms of usage.

    Now I am typing from nokia 5800 and using the qwerty system and no doubt its a pleasure.

    & I think in long run diffarent kind of mobile smsrt phones will be used as the major blog posing device.

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