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    Sunday, October 3, 2010

    Facebook from Grameenphone : Updating facebook by SMS

    I didn't know about the service from the beginning, but yesterday when I caome to know that banglalink has introduced this facebook sms service, I gave an status at facebook, and some of my friends informed about the GP facebook sms services.

    So, I tried it and become successful!!

    Its a great step for country like Bangladesh – where Internet penetration is very low but mobile phone covers a wide network, I know many people who use facebook but don't have internet enabled set or don't use internet from their cell phones, so SMS is a great option/doorway for them!!

    Now... come to the features .. what to do....?

    Its very simple – type fb and send sms to 2555

    at the return message you will get a code and a link, if you are from a net enabled mobile phone, then its better you follow the link and give your mail add and password if you aren't previously logged it via mobile net!!

    if you aren't from any net enabled device, then go to facebook → account → Account settings → Mobile and give the confirmation code for the respective number.

    Thats it!!

    Now you can post your status via text sms from your number & interestingly get some notification (Message, Add request, Comment at photo) for free of cost!!!!

    How to update status from GP via sms??
    Type a sms starting by is and send to 2555

    Even you can do other things via sms:

    you can send message, post to friends wall, add friends, get friends cell number and so on....
    to know the sms settings in details please click here

    Thats it, its better to have the sms access with your number.

    Thank you – Have a nice Day!!

    Wednesday, September 29, 2010

    My new device – netbook PC!!! - HP mini :)

    life is changing _ now-a-days everyone need a portable device in this busy life, But I didn't own one before. More over I had some kinda thinking that I'll take one portable computer after myMBBS studies, so last year when I bought a new PC – I didn't take any portable one, I was waiting for my ending of MBBS studies.

    And at last its over, so I decided to take a portable device for me.

    Initially I was confused between Laptop and netbook PC – but ultimately I took my decision for Netbook PC.

    Why netbook??

    simple answer, its light , its small moreover user friendly_ & I'm taking it not because of performance basically I need it for maintaining my blog and social networking and recently I've taken a decision to have a personal blog on a specific topics... still working on it, when it'll be completed I'll let you know!!

    ok – its a HP mini!!!

    technical details -

    name – HP mini 110-3000
    OS- Original windows 7 starter
    Processor – Intel Atom 1.83 GHz
    RAM -1GB
    System Type – 32 Bit Operating system

    I took it from BCS Computer city at this(2010) 1st September!!!

    Its already one month I'm with it. And I'm happy with its performance.
    I won't say its that fast, but not that slow as well, good for net browsing, social networking, blogging! More over its charge backup is nice, One day I used 4 and a half hours continuously and remaining charge was 52% - and at that time I used Net and watched one HD movies.

    OK... I'm informing at my blog late – but I mentioned at my twitter at that day and also published a post at prothom alo blog (community bangla blog)....

    You can check my tweet here and my bangla post here....

    Thank you.. have a nice day!!!!

    Tuesday, September 7, 2010

    Grameenphone Internet : GP prepaid unlimited internet is back


    Grameen Phone Internet – OK, at least it can be said it’s the most widespread internet service in Bangladesh (though still lack 3rd Generation – 3G services), but not bad regarding other services.
     Initially they had only 1 service for prepaid internet – that was – p1 pay as you go
    Eventually they provided p2 (unlimited internet service) to prepaid which was initially present only at post paid services! Then GP came out with lots of different services like limited internet of 1GB & 3GB limit. Not only that they provided 1 day unlimited internet services and the recent addition is 15MB – mini pack internet service (Grameen Phone Internet: GP new mini internet package for prepaid!).

    Beside these prepaid services they had unlimited night internet services for postpaid subscribers.
    BUT!! After launching P5 & P6 they restricted the p2 (unlimited) service for prepaid users. So, if you are net freak, you had to move to post paid for proper internet services or move to Banglalink prepaid unlimited service which speed is not as good as GP!

    And at last GP have understood the need of the subscribers of GP and restarted the unlimited service for prepaid again at 9-8-2010 .

    That’s really great, as If you do a lots of things at internet – Net surfing, blogging, chatting, surfing at google earth, uploading lots of photos at facebook or twitter, online job - you can use this service – But remember about the fair usage policy of GP internet, if you are going to use P2P connection please read the GP agreements before using!

    What to do – type p2 and send to 5000 and then confirm it by sending Y to same number.
    Charge – Its better U recharge 1000Tk before doing process though it doesn’t require that much. (Exact money is 982.10Tk including VAT and 2 sms charge).
    To know other GP services you can visit this blog – Grameenphone internet : GP pre paid internet packages

    Thank you!

    Monday, August 23, 2010

    Location based tweet : How to share geotagged / location aware tweet at twitter via Nokia


    Now a days, Twitter is giving more importance in location based tweet.  And due to built in GPS services at Mobile phones it has become very easy. There are lots of Nokia application out there for this kind of geotagged tweet. But gravity and twibble is the popular ones.

    How To Do::

    1st you have to change some setting at twitter :
    Log in twitter -> settings -> account -> Mark the Add a location to your tweets
    Now download gravity or twibble to your symbian Nokia device

    Gravity GPS settings :

    Start Gravity -> Options -> Tools -> GPS to clipboard (wait until the moving button at bottom become off)
    -> now during writing tweet  press the up button (in non touch phone) or press the GPS (touch phone) and wait until it become yellow or green.

    Twibble GPS settings:

    Start twibble -> refresh the time line (it happens automatically, if you don’t change the settings) -> menu -> Location -> Start GPS (Now wait until it get GPS connection) when it’ll get GPS connection it’ll show GPS at the topmost bar and during writing tweet the exact location is shown at top bar) -> tweet now it’ll be automatically Geotagged now)

    How a geotagged tweet looks like::

    It looks like normal tweet but there will be a location logo just below the tweet  and when one will click the button it’ll start a mini Google map there and the location from where the tweet is been shared.

    Simply, one geo tagged tweet can say lot more words than a non geotagged tweet!!

    Here is one of my geotagged tweet which I shared from Bashudhara city(largest shopping mall of Bangladesh)
    Geotagged Tweet
      you can follow me at twitter @n_h_sarja

    Friday, August 20, 2010

    Nokia Geo-tagged Photo :: How to capture geo-tagged photos from Nokia phone


    Geotag is the system by which your captured photo will bear the information of the location from which the photo is taken. The information will be present in the meta data of the photo.

    Initially, to capture Geotagged photo minimum 2 devices (One camera or Camera mobile and one GPS receiver) were required. But now by using the newer mobile phones it has become very easier.

    Most of the newer mobile devices have built in GPS receiver and with the help of this built in GPS receiver one can easily captured photo with geotagging!

    Most of the new nokia mobile phones have built in GPS receiver, so its easily to capture geo tagged photo using these mobiles. And, if you have this kinda mobile, so why won't you share the GPS located photos at your twitter share or facebook share or directly at your facebook album, picasa album, flicker or panoramio???


    to share geo tagged photo directly (from nokia mobile) to facebook, you can read these 2 posts below:

    So, its easy to capture geotagged photo using your built in GPS device!!

    Settings :

    • Go to 'Camera' of your Nokia mobile
    • Now go to 'Options'
    • scroll down to go to 'Settings'
    • Here you will find 'Record location' and go there
    • make it 'On'

      Thats it, Now your Nokia mobile is capable to take Geotagged photo.

      How to captured:
      You have to be under open sky (not always required, but indoor photos take a long time to be Geotagged.

      On the camera _ Now you will notice a 'Dish' logo / icon or a 'Tag' logo / icon at the bottom line of camera.

      Initially it would have a cut marking over it (DISH) or a cut line (Tag)

      Wait upto the mobile become Geo-tagged – When it will be geo tagged – the cut marking will go away.

      Now, you can capture photo and that will be geotagged by itself.
      Share these photos with geo location at facebook or twitter (using furtiv or mobypicture) or at flicker, picasa album or at OVI share!!

      I'm sharing a photo hat I shaed at moypicture ad which is geotgged!!

      Posted using Mobypicture.com
      you will find the locaton at ight coumn of the picture!!

      Direct steps → Camera → Options → Settings → Record Location → On → Wait to get GPS data → Capture the photo


      Friday, August 13, 2010

      Twitter button :: wordpress.com :: tweet the blog


      Wordpress.com is a very popular media for free blogging. You will get many facilities of famous wordpress.org application there. But not all the facilities!

      You can't put any java scripts there. Can't edit the blog according to your need. Even you can't add the retweet button or facebook share or like button easily!

      On the other side recently blogger.com provides share facilities in build to its new design. Or, if you use some other themes (which I do) you can add different types of share button at your blog including facebook like, facebook share, retweet button! I like the facilities of apture as well!

      But I think in terms of blogging wordpress.com is more user friendly and lots of different blogging application for wordpress is present over internet!

      ::twitter button::
      Recently wordpress.com has added the service of twitter button. Its cool and interesting as it'll show the number of share at twitter media as well! Great addition!

      Set up:
      1. Log in to your wordpress.com

      2. Go to your blog's dashboard

      3. Go to 'extras'

      4. Select the twitter button!

      Thats it! It's an great addition for wordpress.com

      Happy blogging!

      Published from my Nokia phone

      Thursday, August 12, 2010

      Mobypicture : How to Upload photo at facebook directly from Nokia : nokia share online

      In my last post I wrote about furtiv, a nokia share online plug in to upload photo directly to your facebook account with the famous one click upload!
      Yes, I use furtiv and I have furtiv settings at my nokia n82, but I mentioned I use another system for sharing photo via my nokia at online media!
      Yes, its mobypicture.com!
      Its the service by which I can upload photo directly to any online media _ social network _ facebook, microblog _ twitter, tumblr, blog _ blogger, wordpress and so on!
      Hence I love mobypicture!
      Have more than I facebook account, doesn't matter, mobypicture will upload at all those facebook accounts!

      Mobypicture has its own site and you have your own account there!
      Ya, mobypicture is more than a plug in for nokia share online, rather it itself is a photo sharing site from your mobile! And you have to resister at this site using your e mail or you can use your existing twitter account for log in!
      Geotagging system of mobypicture is really awesome, they'll give you a mobymap for your geotagged photos like google map, where you can watch your location from where you took the photos!
      It is one of the greatest feature of mobypicture!
      Set up: (via twitter)
      1. Go to www.mobypicture.com or m.mobypicture.com
      2. Log in via your twitter account!
      3. Now at your account page you'll notice one mail at right column (your id.4 digits@mobypicture.com) note these 4 digits as this 4 digits will required for your nokia share online setup!
      4. Setup your facebook. Services-> +facebook -> authentication!
      5.you can edit the service as it can post both status upload and photo to mobypicture.com album!
      6. Now, go to 'our apps' and select nokia.
      7. Download the plug in from post using share online (if you download at your mobile, then install it, if you download at your pc, then transfer it to mobile and install it)
      8. After installation go to share online of your mobile
      9. Go to Mobypicture.com and give your username and 4 digits pin (remember, this pin isn't your password,its the pin which was give in those mail address I mentioned before)
      10. Done, now start uploading photos on the go via nokia share online!

      How to geotag your photos, its easy!
      Go to camera, options, settings, make the record location on!
      Now wait for the dish icon change :)
      Both furtiv and mobypicture is great solution for facebook photo upload!
      But as I've said mobypicture.com is much more featureable that furtiv.
      You can check my photo blog - photos can speak - photo-blog-sarja.blogspot.com
      You can check my mobymap here www.mobypicture.com/user/n_h_sarja/map
      For java phones you can upload via facebook inbuild email uploadar or mobypicture email uploadar! I'll explain about these features later!
      Now, share photo on the go at facebook and be happy!
      Sent from my Nokia phone

      Monday, August 9, 2010

      Furtiv : How to Upload photo at facebook directly from Nokia : nokia share online

      Photo sharing on the go is a cool service and its more effective than the traditional photo sharing from desktop or laptop!
      You can do it from your Nokia phone via different tools!
      & Furtiv is one of them! (symbian phone based and requires nokia share online support)

      furtiv _ one social media solution for Nokia by which you can directly share photo or video to facebook!

      Furtiv is simple and kinda straight forward nokia share online tools. Easy to set up, easy to upload!

      One key uploadar! 
      Yes, you can upload any photo just after taking it via share online!

      Location awareness : Geotag is present!
      I love the in built geo tag feature of nokia as I can say from where I've captured this photo! Its really cool and informative, even one photo can speak a story more specifically when it is tagged with geo location!

      Set up:
      1. Go to furtiv.mobi from your mobile browser
      2. Select facebook plug-in
      3. Activate your facebook plug in via share online
      4. Done! Now start uploading on the go! :-)

      #geotag photos & facebook
      Sad but true, facebook doesn't provide this function, but 3rd party applications can easily do it for you and furtiv is concerned about geo location sharing!

      What to do?
      Nothing complicated!
      if your photos are geotaged then furtiv itself will give a map link beside the name of the photo mentioning the exact geo location of the photo!

      There are some other popular plug-ins beside furtiv! Furtiv is cool, but I personally use another plug in! And email uploadar is great for any kind of java based phones!
      I'll discuss about thoses ones later! Now set up furtiv and share photo on the go!
      You can follow furtiv at twitter

      After sharing the 1st photo, you'll find it in a new album named furtiv photos, you can change the name of this album and edit the album, change the privacy settings and can switch photos to other album as well!
      Published from my Nokia phone

      You will also like to read :  Mobypicture : How to Upload photo at facebook directly from Nokia : nokia share online

      Tuesday, August 3, 2010

      success of 1st Bangladeshi pro Golfer – Siddikur Rahman

      Cricket – yes its the most popular sports in this region, and in terms of International success, Cricket is the most successful sports in comparison with other sports. If you think the next one - no doubt its Football.

      But this time success come from Golf. Siddikur Rahman became the first Bangladeshi golfer to win on the Asian Tour when he triumphed in a play-off at the Brunei Open on 1st August.

      Congratulation Siddikur Rahman, its a great achievement for Bangladesh. We trust, now Golf will become popular in Bangladesh.

      He said to the tour web site :

      “It is very exciting. I’m the first Bangladeshi to play on the Asian Tour and in the two years that I’m on Tour, I have finally won a tournament. I hope to inspire more people to take up the game of golf in Bangladesh. This is a good victory for me and my country.”
      I salute his hard working nature, which helps him to reach this height, you know, he is the person who starts as a Ball Boy at Kurmitola Golf Club.

      His hard work to reach his dream made him the first pro Golfer of Bangladesh & he is still trying to reach the height of his dream. We all pray and hope for that.

      And, our government and media should focus and encourage this kind of personal achievement in any sector. It'll encourage others to work in new field which isn't popular in Bangladesh yet. Not only the media and government, sponsors should give emphasis for this kind of new sports & innovative works.

      Great Go, Bangladesh. :)

      Friday, July 23, 2010

      End Malaria: Elimination of Malaria : New Hope - Malaria Proof Mosquito


      Malaria, the deadly diseases, which still causes a large number of death specially in the Africa and South Asia region. Lots of procedures have been taken to eliminate this deadly diseases at different times in different location of the world... but – you know the result – it still goes on.

      Initially the prevention step was using anti Mosquito chemical agents:
      Initially to produce this anti mosquito propellant lots of CFC was used in a large area which directly causes serious harm in terms of Global Warming. Initially it was not a known issue so Chemical anti mosquito spray were used widely – USA (almost) get rid of this Mosquito vector born diseases, but most of the world is still suffering from this diseases!!

      Next step were development of vaccine → and this effort also last in Failure.

      Now... Malaria is happening in regular basis in selective region.

      New Hope:: The First Malaria-Proof Mosquito

      yes, Now for the first time, University of Arizona entomologists have succeeded in genetically altering mosquitoes in a way that renders them completely immune to the parasite, a single-celled organism called Plasmodium – The Malaria causing agent. The researchers, from the University of Arizona, introduced a gene that affected the insect's gut, meaning the malaria parasite could not develop.

      And now they are trying to replace all wild mosquito with this Lab developed one. The gene (altered gene) will continue vertically and chronically wild mosquito will be replaced by this Lab developed mosquitoes.

      (hope it'll end in success and one day Malaria will be topic in the History Book only!!)

      Other studies:
      Alteration of olfactory receptor and molecular, neuronal and physiological basis of insect chemoreception and behavior. Its in the research process and is success will not cause development in not only Malarial elimination but also elimination of other vector born diseases like Kala azar, Chagus diseases & others.

      Monday, June 7, 2010

      Banglalink Internet :: Banglalink pre paid 'desh' internet packages

      Banglalink is the second largest mobile company in Bangladesh following Grameenphone. Though grameenphone is the pioneer mobile company for Mobile internet in Bangladesh, now a days Banglalink is giving importance in its internet service.

      But, where Grameen phone and robi (aktel) have different packages for mobile internet , there Banglalink has only 2 packages and those are call package specific!

      # Packages of Banglalink pre paid internet :

      P1 : on the go package
      It costs 0.02tk per kb and it doesn't require and monthly bundle money.
      You can use it in any packages of Banglalink prepaid - Desh, ek desh, ek desh ek rate, rongdhonu, desh rang!
      How to activate : write P1 & send to 3343

      P2 : unlimited internet for 15 days!
      Charge - 350tk/15 days
      How to activate : write P2 & send to 3343
      But the most irritating matter is, you can't use it in any prepaid call package, only desh users can use this!
      How funny! For me 'ek desh ek rate' package suites me, but if I want to use unlimited net, then I have to convert to the tradition old call rate package!
      But, GP doesn't have these kinda problems, one can use any prepaid packages in any call rate plan - Shohoj, Bondhu, Apon!
      What ever, there's no option for checking usage limit as Banglalink doesn't have any data limited service for prepaid!

      Settings in mobile:
      You have to save apn: blweb
      Settings in pc suite:

      Same apn have to be given : blweb

      You'll get Banglalink mobile internet where they've their mobile network.
      But you'll get EDGE service only at large cities!

      Published from my Nokia N82

      Sunday, June 6, 2010

      Facebook Bangladesh :: facebook is Reopened in Bangladesh!

      Facebook is the most popular social networking online media in Bangladesh! Almost 9lacks of people use facebook from Bangladesh.

      In 29th May evening, suddenly we couldn't able to use facebook from pc! 1st thought, may be some net speed problem! But after few hours it became clear to us by the daily star online and bdnews24.com - facebook was banned in Bangladesh!

      It was a massive shocking news to all of Bangladeshi net users! Initially it wasn't clear to us, whats the actual cause behind it, but then we understand, its because of some edited images of our national political leaders and due to some religious causes. one young man named Mahbub Alam Rodin who had 9 facebook accounts with different names and different addresses, was arrested due to making those images and spreading publicly at facebook.

      hmmm, people used facebook by using proxy servers and by opera mini application from mobile!

      What ever, most of the internet users stand against this decision and write in different media like blog , twitter and different forums.
      But, everyone also wanted a secure facebook so that none can do this type of occurence and make a bad impression of our country internationaly!

      What ever, main fact was that the ban was temporary and at yesterday mid night 12am 6th june govt reopened the most popular social networking website in Bangladesh after removing those illegal links from facebook.

      Now we should maintain some general rules in public online media as we maintain in real life, we should be concern of our morality and we shouldn't forget our own culture in internet media!

      More over, we should understand that, in online social media we everyone is the representative of our country.

      Hope, we will not experience any kind of BAN over online social media in future.

      Published from my Nokia N82

      Monday, May 31, 2010

      Facebook mobile usage : Mobile facebook + Touch facebook + Zero facebook


      Facebook is the most popular social networking website. Initially it can be used from PC only. But after achieving the heavy popularity it started its mobile site. Lots of people sharing their thoughts, photos, informations, videos from on the go to facebook and these websites are playing an important role in these field.

      Mobile facebook

      It started from mobile facebook. The address is m.facebook.com . You can maintain most of your facebook activities from this site starting from status update to like of any photo, commenting any photo or external link … in simple wards – you can maintain most of your important works in facebook.

      You can use it in any mobile having wap or web support – Personally I use it in opera mini 5.

      Touch facebook

      Its the site – touch.facebook.com made for the new touch screen mobile phones. This site is nice when you use facebook from touch phones. It has all the services which is present in the mobile facebook, just its view is different and specific for touch enabled phone.

      You can use it in any touch screen mobile with wap or web support – I liked touch opera mini in Nokia 5800 (which I used from womworld nokia)

      Zero facebook

      0.facebook.com is the new mobile website for facebook where you can use facebook without any cost – absolutely free. Means you don't have to pay your service provider to update your status or to comment any link or status or to like them. Its similar to the normal mobile faacebook just it doesn't have the photo service, you can't watch any photo from this site. You'll get more information from here.

      You can use it in any mobile having wap or web support – But All countries don't have this service – Bangladesh lacks this service – check out this post!!

      Facebook sms

      You can update your sms directly by sending sms. Its a operator specific option, you can ask your operator for this service.

      You can use it in any mobile even without wap or web support – But All countries don't have this service – Bangladesh lacks this service still now :-@

      Other services :

      There are some other services specific to mobile brand and model.
      For iPhone, Blackberry, Nokia, Sony erricson, Samsung there are different services from facebook.

      Nokia – there are specific service for E71 – E72 – E63 ( you can get it from Ovi store for free )
      in touch phones – you can install Nokia messenging beta for updating ( you can get it from Ovi store for free )

      Hope in near future facebook will come out with more mobile services for every devices.

      Sunday, May 30, 2010

      Facebook Breaking News in Bangladesh :: facebook is still blocked in Bangladesh

      Facebook is still banned in Bangladesh. None can use it from computer or from mobile using inbuilt mobile browser!
      Yesterday in my last post I wrote about the causes of blocking facebook from various online and news media. Today same news is come out in every print media. One facebook user named Mahbub Alam Rodin is arrested by RAB due to illegal activities against popular leader of Bangladesh. And prothom alo website also mentioned other cause of some anti religious facebook group.
      What ever, the main point is its TEMPORARY! So, hope for the shortest period of banning!
      Some can still use facebook from Bangladesh::
      Yes, easily anyone can use facebook from opera mini browser as it uses some European IP address itself.
      Some people is using proxy server for using facebook in computer.

      Come on, approx 8 lac of users use facebook from Bangladesh and most of the users don't know this kinda technology to use facebook from Bangladesh. And when the facebook is banned most of the users aren't able to use it from Bangladesh.
      Some has shifted to twitter but twitter is more a microblogging site than a social network. Moreover twitter is not as popular as facebook in Bangladesh.
      Better we wait for the unban of facebook soon and hope all those illegal activities will be deleted from facebook soon.
      {This page will automatically published in my facebook as it is a preset system, so if you find this in facebook, please don't think that I've done it as its not possible, that is banned. But due to the automatic feed updates it'll show at facebook.}
      Published from Nokia N82 phone

      Saturday, May 29, 2010

      Facebook BREAKING NEWS ::: facebook is Banned in Bangladesh

      Yes :-( Facebook is banned in Bangladesh. Sad news for us. But BTRC says its temporary (according to the daily star). I can't access facebook from my pc from this evening. Suddenly facebook website was not opening. I thought may be some net problem or some net speed problem, but few times ago I got information from the daily star and bdnews24.

      Not clear for me. But may be some anti political activities by some facebook users. One facabook user is arrested by Rapid Action Bettelion 10 this morning due to some illegal anti political activities. (personaly I don't know about it, but daily star says due to some cartoons of our famous leaders - know nothing about it)

      Some people says, they can still use facebook from Mobile using opera mini!
      Yes, because opera mini usages different IP address by itself. (there may be some other cause, but I think its the main cause! )

      Suddenly twitter is becoming famous ::
      Yes, due to ban of facebook, Bangladeshi social networking users are moving towards twitter. I gave my last status as ' I'm available in twitter as @n_h_sarja '

      {This page will automatically published in my facebook as it is a preset system, so if you find this in facebook, please don't think that I've done it as its not possible, that is banned. But due to the automatic feed updates it'll show at facebook.}

      Whatever next ::
      Hope govt will remove the ban after the illegal activities become normal. Hope the lag time will be short. We should help our country for our better development.

      Published from my Nokia N82

      Tuesday, May 25, 2010

      Facebook Bangladesh : Bangladesh is deprived of facebook sms and zero facebook

      Facebook is the most popular social networking website in Bangladesh and according to alexa facebook is the 2nd popular website in Bangladesh. Even its more popular than some very popular website like yahoo.com and google.com.bd .

      But facebook do not give proper importance to Bangladesh in terms of their mobile services.

      It was started from facebook sms service, most of the south Asian countries have the chance to update their facebook status by sending sms; they get their notification directly to their mobile by sms, but this service is not available in Bangladesh.

      We started a facebook group - We want facebook SMS service in Bangladesh!! to show facebook Bangladeshi users demand to start facebook sms service in Bangladesh.

      We want facebook SMS service & 0.facebook.com in Bangladesh!!

      Facebook sms hasn't statrted in Bangladesh yet now.

      Moreover we are deprived of the new facebook mobile service - zero facebook !!!

      some information about zero facebook:

      zero facebook

      zero facebook – 0.facebook.com is the new mobile website for facebook where you can use facebook without any cost – absolutely free. Means you don't have to pay your service provider to update your status or to comment any link or status or to like them. Its similar to the normal mobile faacebook just it doesn't have the photo service, you can't watch any photo from this site. You'll get more information from here.

      Sad but true, Bangladesh isn't listed for zero facebook!!!

      Today we've changed our previous group name from We want facebook SMS service in Bangladesh!! to We want facebook SMS service & 0.facebook.com in Bangladesh!!

      if you want to support us and want these services in Bangladesh, join this group (& request your friends) and write to facebook to start these services in Bangladesh.

      Some comparison between other countries in terms of facebook popularity:

      as I've mentioned initially that facebook is the second popular website in Bangladesh , In India its the 4th popular website and in Pakistan and Srilanka its in third position.

      Don't understand after having extreme popularity in Bangladesh why facebook don't give the same importance what they give to other south Asian countries!!!!

      Congratulation to Musa Ibrahim : 1st Bangladeshi to conquer Mount Everest

      Its the 1st time when the red and green flag is flying in the top most area of the world. Its by the young man Musa Ibrahim, he has scaled Mount everest for the 1st time as a Bangladeshi. He haven't returned to Bangladesh yet, The whole Bangladesh is waiting for the Hero.

      All the people of every sector of Bangladesh is congratulating this hero. Though there is a little controversy present in some community blogs of Bangladesh, but all will be normal after the International recognition of this activity and according to the national media, the international recognition need one week time.
      But, All the authorities and the travel company has ensured the news of his reaching at top of the Mount Everest.

      I'm congratulating Musa Ibrahim as the first one who conquer the Mount Everest. 
      Musa Ibrahim - Before starting journey - from Prothom Alo
      Hope new young generation will be encouraged by this activity and come out to take Bangladesh to a new height.

      Thursday, May 13, 2010

      Grameenphone internet : GP pre paid internet packages

      Grameenphone, which is the best mobile company in Bangladesh in terms of internet use, has different types of packages for any kind of GP pre paid package sohoj, bondhu, apon, djuice!
      All of them have bounded data limit except the pay as you go offer. Its good in terms of fair usage policy.

      Here is the packages for pre paid grameenphone internet!

      Package 1 : P1 : pay as you go
      Its the basic offer and the oldest as well. If you use internet, you'll pay according to your data usage not according to the time of usage.
      Rate is .02Tk per KB

      Numerically second offer for pre paid is P4. ( P2 and P3 is only for post paid now)

      Package 4 : P4 : One day 150MB
      Its the offer which was one the most popular offer when it came out 1st. You can use 150MB of data by 12 am after you have started the offer.

      Charge per package 60tk without vat.

      Type p4 and send it to 5000

      Package 5 : P5 : monthly 3GB internet
      Its the monthly internet service where the Data limit is 3GB. Nice one for moderate user who browses a lot and seldom download any large file.

      Monthly charge 700tk without vat.

      Type p5 and send it to 5000

      Package 6 : P6 : monthly 1GB internet
      Its the monthly internet service where the Data limit is 1GB. Nice one for moderate mobile user who seldom browses from pc or laptop.

      Monthly charge 300tk without vat.

      Type p6 and send it to 5000

      Package 7 : P7 : mini package internet
      Its the 15 days internet service where the Data limit is 15MB. Nice one for regular mobile net user who just love to update the facebook and twitter a lot seldom browse any large site from mobile.

      Charge per package 29tk without vat.

      Type p7 and send it to 5000

      Data usage limit check up is important!

      They have made it easy to check data usage and to know the remaining data.
      You have to dial *566*10# from your phone and GP will give all information related your remainig data limit!

      But for p7, its *566*1#

      Still now Bangladesh internet penetration is extremely low in comparison with total population! Hope the new technologies will make it easy and user friendly so that the internet penetration ratio of Bangladesh will increase.


      Further info::
      GP unlimited prepaid is back - Grameenphone Internet : GP prepaid unlimited internet is back

      Tuesday, May 11, 2010

      Bangladeshi Blogger : Bangladesh Blog : Thanks to BD BLOGGERZ

      Blog is becoming popular in Bangladesh now a days. Its a very good sign for us as blog is establishing it as a separate powerful media beside the tele and print media. Rather its more important as it is based on both way communication and there is chance of active participation of everyone both activly and passively.

      In Bangladesh, community blogs is most popular now.

      Somewhere in blog

      Prothom alo blog – প্রথম আলো ব্লগ

      Amar blog – আমার ব্লগ

      Sachalayatan - সচলায়তন

      Nagorik blog – নাগরিক ব্লগ

      In community blogs its easy to find any topic you are interested in and following any blogger as well. But its tough in case of the other platform of blogging – personal blogging.

      Personal blogging is also becoming popular with community blog, but in personal blogging its really tough to get the important blog as one have to search these blogs in web or blog searching engine. So, blogs ranking according to search engine is very important here, which is a little complicated.

      In most of the countries there are common on-line platform where one can find blog from same national origin. I was finding same kinda platform for Bangladeshi blogs, But initially I couldn't find any one. But suddenly few days back I found the link of BD BLOGGERZ in one Bangladeshi blog.

      Hey BD BLOGGERZ is the on-line platform where you can find the Bangladeshi blogs which has been submitted here by the blogger and granted by admin.

      Thanks to BD BLOGGERZ, they really have done a great job in Bangladeshi blog history.

      Here you can find both English and Bangla (বাংলা) blogging platform, You can find both personal and community blogs of Bangladesh.

      What you have to do, you have to submit you blog here and add Badge of this website to your blog.

      In terms of BD BLOGGERZ badges, they have interesting and different kind of badges; I'm sure it'll draw your readers attraction.

      Hat off to BD BLOGGERZ for their great job.

      Hope in future you will come forward with some more interesting topics like ranking of blog or specialization of blog according to topics.

      Saturday, May 1, 2010

      Salute to Afghanistan Cricket Team


      They didn't have all the international standard instrument to practice, even not an international standard play ground!

      They didn't pass a regular childhood, rather they pass their childhood in refugee camp, they grown up in a was torn country!

      This is the the actual scenario behind the Afghanistan Cricket Team!

      But their hard work and love have overcome all these barriers. They have proved themselves as an 'International Standard Cricket Team'

      I salute all the Cricket Players of Afghan Cricket Team as they are representing a peaceful Afghanistan even after a post war condition. They are making Afghanistan united and leading to a peaceful condition.

      Today the whole world will watch them - the warriors with cricket skill 1st ever in any international standard tournament. Today they'll play against India as their 1st group match.

      Doesn't matter, what will be the result but what they are doing for a war torn - broken nation, thats the main thing.

      Best of luck Afghanistan Cricket Team. :)

      Published from my Nokia N82

      Friday, April 30, 2010

      Social networking is getting importance


      Initially it was only to maintain connection with friends and family, but now most of the online things is related with this social networking web site, from blog post to academic work each and everything is now present in there social networking websites.

      Recently I've heard that microsoft is going to add their document writing software with facebook as facebook doc so that anyone can write and read document file directly from facebook.

      Twitter is going straight forward where facebook is becoming more and more complex. Its true that simplicity is the power of twitter and as both social networking and microblogging site it's becoming more important for bloggers as privacy isn't much important for twitter.

      Come on to the center, I'm not writing any review of facebook and twitter, but these social networking sites getting more and more importance to the people and to the developers as well.

      Now a days people like to share on the go, in every media facebook, twitter, blog!

      Recently in new release version of ubuntu, ubuntu 10.04 they have developed an in build social networking application where one can easily maintain all his important social networking websites.

      But its unusual that you'll always carry a laptop or netbook for sharing in social networks, rather cell phones are more important in these field to share in social networks even in between a hectic schedule.

      Black berry, iphone, android had this kind of facility from before. Now, Nokia has come out with these services with their c3 c6 and e5 handsets. All these sets have inbuild social networking facility with location sharing and direct photo and video unloading facility.

      Its just the begining of the social networking, as It has becoming more and more transparent day by day and sharing is becoming more and more easier with these mobile phones.

      Hope in near future these mobile companies will include such kinda blogging factures with theses phones.

      Published from my Nokia N82

      Thursday, April 29, 2010

      after using wifi for the 1st time in Bangladesh.


      Its the 1st time I have used wifi in Bangladesh. But not the 1st time I detected wifi network from my wifi device -Nokia N82.

      I get wifi network even at our roof, but sometimes the reception is poor enough to establish the connection, sometimes its connected but no data transfers took place.

      For me wifi has become nothing but to get the network only. I got wifi network even in my medical college, but that was a protected network.

      Different of wifi networks are available in gulshan 1 and 2 but i couldn't get connection with those even to the public wifi s.

      You've get it, my wifi history isn't very good. In the starting of this weak I've gone to Grameenphone customer care of Gulshan 1 to take sim card of my mom which was lost in the previous day.

      Grameenphone customer care was busy as always. I've understood I've to wait for 10 - 15 minutes. So, decided to update the status in facebook and to tweet about some topics.

      But, before doing that, I checked the wifi network again and my Nokia recognised 3 wifi network, one of that was protected. I selected one open network, and for the 1st time that was working.

      Logged in to twitter through my mobile browser and tweeted about wifi using. 1st I thought, it may be any kinda service of grameenphone customer care, but one of my friend of twitter made it clear, I wasn't any service of grameenphone, rather it was the free wifi network of coffee world.

      So, I enjoyed a lot at the waiting time with my 1st ever active wifi usage, and the speed was fast as well.

      Hope, wifi will be much popular in Bangladesh in near future. :-)

      Published from my Nokia N82

      Saturday, April 24, 2010

      World Malaria Day : Approximately half of the world's population is at risk of malaria


      Yes! It’s Malaria, which infects more than 500 million people per year and kills more than 1 million. Just imagine - approximately half of the world's population is at risk of malaria. Now we all have to come forward and become united to fight against it.

      Here the world map showing the area of Malaria Endemic zone and giving information about Chloroquine resistant and non resistant area.

      My country Bangladesh is in Chloroquine resistant area, and Malaria Infection in my country is not very uncommon!

      Here is the situation of Malaria in my country (icddrb map)

      But Malaria is common in our capital city - Dhaka as well.

      What ever, what you can do, you can work against Malaria. 25 April is the World Malaria Day. you can join the event from bellow.

        And you can put this button in your blog click here

      You can Count yourself in to Count Malaria Out and join the global community in working to ensure that every man, woman and child in malaria-affected regions has access to essential prevention and treatment services by 2010.

      Click here to Count yourself in

      Best of luck to you and for our next generation. 
      We have to work together to fight against this deadly but preventable and curable diseases. Try to make awareness among the people beside you and help promoting the event through internet.


      Wednesday, April 21, 2010

      Destiny NCL T20 champion : Rajshahi Rangers :-)


      Congratulation to Rajshahi Rangers as the champion of 1st season of Destiny NCL T20.

      Yes, previously I said my hope, excitement and disappointment about this National Cricket League T20, Bangladesh. But, you know its the 1st season of NCL. And I'll say as the 1st season its successful. It was full of drama as Dhaka Dynamites defeated at semi final who was unbeaten previously throughout the series.
      Its only one story, NCL was full of these kinda twists.

      And todays match - final match was awesome, we have seen some great shots and fielding in this match and it was a tight game as well!

      But, at last Khaled Masud Pilot's team -Rajshahi Rangers win the battle!
      They played good cricket in every spectrum, so they deserved it.

      Kings of Khulna, the runner up team, also played well, but some bad decision of their captain and few bad fieldings they lost the match.

      Kings of Khulna 161/6 after 20 over
      Rajshahi Rangers crossed this score by 20 over with 6 wickets in hand!

      Rajshahi Rangers won the final match by 6 wickets.

      Special Thanks goes to ATN Bangla , who telecasted all the matched live.

      And in final match stadium was full of people, who enjoyed the game, the other entertainment of game as well like light show and live concert but cricket was the center of all these things!

      After the match BCB chairman said their plan of continuing NCL, he said next season of NCL will be much better than this one.

      Yes, full Bangladesh enjoyed this NCL, though it didn't get much international attention (ongoing IPL is one of the cause of this) . But I think we will get some more interesting NCL in next season.

      Thanks to BCB to organise this kind of tournament and thanks to all the sponsors to promote this tournament.

      Before ending congrats to Rajshahi Rangers again specially to Kaled Masud Pilot.

      Best of luck - NCL!


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      Tuesday, April 20, 2010

      GrameenPhone prepaid internet : GP internet usage limit check up

      Grameenphone, which is the best mobile company in Bangladesh in terms of internet use, is coming out with more and more interesting prepaid internet facility, many of which is bounded with data limit. Its good in terms of fair usage policy.

      Yesterday I wrote about their latest prepaid mini internet package, which is quiet interesting and useful.
      Several other Packages have these data limit system. For example, P4 P5 P6 P7 . Limit is in your hand.
      They have made it easy to check data usage and to know the remaining data.
      You have to dial *566*10# from your phone and GP will give all information related your remaining data limit!
      Its really useful!

      But to check the P7 data limit, its different!!
      You have to dial *566*1# to know your remaining data limit.

      Published from my Nokia N82 phone

      Monday, April 19, 2010

      Grameen Phone Internet: GP new mini internet package for prepaid!

      Grameenphone provides the best mobile internet service in Bangladesh. Grameenphone has different internet packages for both pre paid and post paid users.

      Internet speed of Grameenphone is better than other mobile operators in Bangladesh, though it doesn't support 3G services yet. Still now we have to be satisfied with EDGE internet as it is the best mobile internet in Bangladesh.

      As I've said before, Grameenphone has different internet packages in their language they says these as Package1 to 6.

      Now they have come out with new package for prepaid users, named as P7 or you can say it as mini internet package!

      At first I thought its not very useful package for pre paid users, but Today when I thought deeply I noticed, I was wrong. Actually its nice for prepaid users, who use net only from mobile and not usage much net only regular facebook update with regular twitting along with regular mail check and some form of mobile browsing.

      Hey I haven't said about the package yet!!!
      Its a mini internet package where you can use Internet with 15MB limit for 29Tk with a validity period of 15 days. And you can use more than 1 package according to our use.

      If you are interested, come on – send a message writing p7 to 5000, thats it!!

      1 interesting thing!!!

      Do you know if you use internet on the go package, then for 15MB how much you have to pay????

      its 307.20 Tk without vat!!!! 
      If you are a regular mobile internet user of Bangladesh, use facebook, twitter, mig33 from mobile with regular mail check and some browsing through Opera mini, then Think again, may be this package has made targeting you, as 29Tk is lesser than 307.20Tk for sure!!!!

      To check the P7 data limit, you have to dial *566*1#


      Monday, April 12, 2010

      NCL T20 : Full of Excitement, Hope and Disappointment!


      All these things are happening now is started by ICL - Indian Cricket League , but it was not authorized by the cricket board of India. So, it didn't find the success, rather all the players who played for them passed a very difficult time with their national cricket authority.

      What ever, to counteract that event Indian Cricket Board came out with the most exciting cricket league, IPL , no need to explain about IPL, as almost everyone who understand cricket, know about this league.

      Influenced by these events, PCL has come out, its the 1st T20 league of Bangladesh named Port City Cricket League. They came out with everything to make it Nationaly and Internationaly popular, but failed to do so even after their 2nd season in Sharjah.

      After these events, BCB - Bangladesh Cricket Board has come out with NCL T20, which stands for National Cricket League T20.

      Hey, it has all the elements to become really popular in Bangladesh as well in south asia.

      6 teams are playing this event, according to 6 Divisions of Bangladesh, but the name of the teams has the effects of the most popular cricket league, IPL.

      ATN BANGLA is telecasting these matches Live. There are many foreign players as well mainly from Pakistan (as IPL didn't take any player from Pakistan), and from other popular cricket playing nations.

      Full of Excitement:

      Yes, NCL T20 is full of excitement, as it has all the elements that require for this 'excitement'. It has all the national popular players, has many internationaly popular players, has media support from ATN BANGLA, has all the exiting events of T20, at last but not the least, has interesting name for every team ;-) .

      Come on, what do you want more? People of Bangladesh are talking everywhere about this event, from road side tea stall to class room. Everyone is supporting different teams. Awesome!

      'Full of Hope' :

      Yes, NCL T20 is full of hope for the development in Bangladesh cricket. Its also a great support for those players who want to take cricket professionaly.

      After this full of excitement and hope, now comes 'full of Disappointment' :

      Sad but true, BCB didn't give proper attention to make it more popular both nationaly and internationaly or they didn't give many important thing importance!!
      Starting from website, (hey, ncl doesn't have any official website) to fan pages everywhere there is disappointment and disappointment.

      No need to say about twitter and facebook support, as they don't have their official website, how can I think about pages at social community websites?

      Even the teams don't have their personal website and official twitter account. But here is a little differance, as I found fan pages for each and every team playing at ncl. And they says it's their official page. I don't know, even don't understand, if one team don't have their web page, how they can have their official facebook group.

      Not only BCB, but also disappointments comes from cricinfo!

      Cricinfo isn't covering NCL live, regarding their website its a very regular national event. They haven't mention the names of the them even, only mentioned the name of the region!


      Hope, NCL will come out from these backward condition and one day will become really popular like other cricket leagues. :-)

      Published from my Nokia N82

      Thursday, April 8, 2010

      Watched the Movie “Gohine Shobdo” (গহীনে শব্দ)


      Suddenly we took the decision to watch a movie as our ophthalmology block was ended today. In Bashundhara Cineplex Transformer 2 and one bangla cinema was going on. Somehow most people voted to watch the bangla movie. Till then neither I knew the name of that movie nor the theme of that movie.

      What ever, after reaching the Cineplex I came to know the name of the movie - “Gohine Shobdo” (গহীনে শব্দ) … and from the displaying poster of the hero and heroin I thought it would be a movie of typical bangla love story. At that time for me, movie wasn't important, we friends are watching movie together- it was more important for me!!!

      after buying snacks and cold drinks entered the cinema hall and the movie started.....


      the movie started with the most popular bangla festival “poleha Boishakh” mongol jatra. Then a regular love story between 2 students of CharuKola one of them is Niloy and other one is Swapna. They both were from a very different family financially. I found a clear line of difference between rich and poor family life style which is happening in our society.

      Niloy came from a very rich and educated family, where Swapna came from an absolutely different family – her father was a street beggar. Their love story continued in as usual fashion but after knowing Swapna's identity Niloy escaped from his society.....

      The film ends with a song where an eminent singer arranges a concert for the beggars. The beggars circle around and move singing with lamps in their hands. The life cycle is complete.

      Occasionally the life cycle is disturbed but it never stops. The human beings like Swapna restart a new life and once again the life cycle begins.

      Now a days our Bangla movies are showing signs of development, hope by 2 – 3 years we will have some powerful movie director and their artistic work.

      Music of this movie was nice specially the last one of singer Haider. I didn't expect anything good from the movie, but found it as a really interesting movie in the field of social differences and social struggle in society, specially the how the barrier of financial support works in case of one university student to find her identity as a Graduate or as a girl from a poor family!!!

      Nice one. Good work by Mr. Khalid Mahmud Mithu and good movie by Impress Telefilm!


      Tuesday, April 6, 2010

      NO way!! permanently switched to GrameenPhone!!

      For more than 2 years I have been using Banglalink for my call and some sort of internet usage. Banglalink internet was not that bad, but suddenly for few days it is creating several problems specially in terms of internet usage.

      Here comes the most funny character of the Banglalink internet, it connects with net at my parents room (beside my room) and gets a good net connection as well but strangely in my room it doesn't get connect with Banglalink internet!!!! its really strange, what ever, it was not possible to use this kind of net any more.

      More over, in Bangladesh if anyone goes outside any big city he'll get GPRS connection in Banglalink, but in case of GrameenPhone one will get EDGE in most of the peripheral area in my country.

      Not only that, but also GP has different internet packages for prepaid and it can be used in any prepaid package. But in banglalink, :-S only one package and it must be used in a fixed call rate (desh). Its very uncomfortable for anyone to use this kind of services.

      So, using GrameenPhone for both net usage and call services.

      Sharing the net speed of GP in my location:


      Thursday, April 1, 2010

      Have you ever checked 'Worth of your blog'? I've checked!!


      Can't remember the blog site where I noticed the 'Worth of my blog'. Found that really interesting. And took decision to add such Ranking tool in my blog, but because of business couldn't do so at that time.

      Today I google few time about this blog site worth and found the site for worth of blog.

      I find about my blog worth. Check out below. Do you want to know yours, Ok, Click here!

      My blog is worth $564.54.
      How much is your blog worth?
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