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    Tuesday, May 11, 2010

    Bangladeshi Blogger : Bangladesh Blog : Thanks to BD BLOGGERZ

    Blog is becoming popular in Bangladesh now a days. Its a very good sign for us as blog is establishing it as a separate powerful media beside the tele and print media. Rather its more important as it is based on both way communication and there is chance of active participation of everyone both activly and passively.

    In Bangladesh, community blogs is most popular now.

    Somewhere in blog

    Prothom alo blog – প্রথম আলো ব্লগ

    Amar blog – আমার ব্লগ

    Sachalayatan - সচলায়তন

    Nagorik blog – নাগরিক ব্লগ

    In community blogs its easy to find any topic you are interested in and following any blogger as well. But its tough in case of the other platform of blogging – personal blogging.

    Personal blogging is also becoming popular with community blog, but in personal blogging its really tough to get the important blog as one have to search these blogs in web or blog searching engine. So, blogs ranking according to search engine is very important here, which is a little complicated.

    In most of the countries there are common on-line platform where one can find blog from same national origin. I was finding same kinda platform for Bangladeshi blogs, But initially I couldn't find any one. But suddenly few days back I found the link of BD BLOGGERZ in one Bangladeshi blog.

    Hey BD BLOGGERZ is the on-line platform where you can find the Bangladeshi blogs which has been submitted here by the blogger and granted by admin.

    Thanks to BD BLOGGERZ, they really have done a great job in Bangladeshi blog history.

    Here you can find both English and Bangla (বাংলা) blogging platform, You can find both personal and community blogs of Bangladesh.

    What you have to do, you have to submit you blog here and add Badge of this website to your blog.

    In terms of BD BLOGGERZ badges, they have interesting and different kind of badges; I'm sure it'll draw your readers attraction.

    Hat off to BD BLOGGERZ for their great job.

    Hope in future you will come forward with some more interesting topics like ranking of blog or specialization of blog according to topics.

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