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    Monday, August 9, 2010

    Furtiv : How to Upload photo at facebook directly from Nokia : nokia share online

    Photo sharing on the go is a cool service and its more effective than the traditional photo sharing from desktop or laptop!
    You can do it from your Nokia phone via different tools!
    & Furtiv is one of them! (symbian phone based and requires nokia share online support)

    furtiv _ one social media solution for Nokia by which you can directly share photo or video to facebook!

    Furtiv is simple and kinda straight forward nokia share online tools. Easy to set up, easy to upload!

    One key uploadar! 
    Yes, you can upload any photo just after taking it via share online!

    Location awareness : Geotag is present!
    I love the in built geo tag feature of nokia as I can say from where I've captured this photo! Its really cool and informative, even one photo can speak a story more specifically when it is tagged with geo location!

    Set up:
    1. Go to furtiv.mobi from your mobile browser
    2. Select facebook plug-in
    3. Activate your facebook plug in via share online
    4. Done! Now start uploading on the go! :-)

    #geotag photos & facebook
    Sad but true, facebook doesn't provide this function, but 3rd party applications can easily do it for you and furtiv is concerned about geo location sharing!

    What to do?
    Nothing complicated!
    if your photos are geotaged then furtiv itself will give a map link beside the name of the photo mentioning the exact geo location of the photo!

    There are some other popular plug-ins beside furtiv! Furtiv is cool, but I personally use another plug in! And email uploadar is great for any kind of java based phones!
    I'll discuss about thoses ones later! Now set up furtiv and share photo on the go!
    You can follow furtiv at twitter

    After sharing the 1st photo, you'll find it in a new album named furtiv photos, you can change the name of this album and edit the album, change the privacy settings and can switch photos to other album as well!
    Published from my Nokia phone

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