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    Friday, August 20, 2010

    Nokia Geo-tagged Photo :: How to capture geo-tagged photos from Nokia phone


    Geotag is the system by which your captured photo will bear the information of the location from which the photo is taken. The information will be present in the meta data of the photo.

    Initially, to capture Geotagged photo minimum 2 devices (One camera or Camera mobile and one GPS receiver) were required. But now by using the newer mobile phones it has become very easier.

    Most of the newer mobile devices have built in GPS receiver and with the help of this built in GPS receiver one can easily captured photo with geotagging!

    Most of the new nokia mobile phones have built in GPS receiver, so its easily to capture geo tagged photo using these mobiles. And, if you have this kinda mobile, so why won't you share the GPS located photos at your twitter share or facebook share or directly at your facebook album, picasa album, flicker or panoramio???


    to share geo tagged photo directly (from nokia mobile) to facebook, you can read these 2 posts below:

    So, its easy to capture geotagged photo using your built in GPS device!!

    Settings :

    • Go to 'Camera' of your Nokia mobile
    • Now go to 'Options'
    • scroll down to go to 'Settings'
    • Here you will find 'Record location' and go there
    • make it 'On'

      Thats it, Now your Nokia mobile is capable to take Geotagged photo.

      How to captured:
      You have to be under open sky (not always required, but indoor photos take a long time to be Geotagged.

      On the camera _ Now you will notice a 'Dish' logo / icon or a 'Tag' logo / icon at the bottom line of camera.

      Initially it would have a cut marking over it (DISH) or a cut line (Tag)

      Wait upto the mobile become Geo-tagged – When it will be geo tagged – the cut marking will go away.

      Now, you can capture photo and that will be geotagged by itself.
      Share these photos with geo location at facebook or twitter (using furtiv or mobypicture) or at flicker, picasa album or at OVI share!!

      I'm sharing a photo hat I shaed at moypicture ad which is geotgged!!

      Posted using Mobypicture.com
      you will find the locaton at ight coumn of the picture!!

      Direct steps → Camera → Options → Settings → Record Location → On → Wait to get GPS data → Capture the photo

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