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    Thursday, August 12, 2010

    Mobypicture : How to Upload photo at facebook directly from Nokia : nokia share online

    In my last post I wrote about furtiv, a nokia share online plug in to upload photo directly to your facebook account with the famous one click upload!
    Yes, I use furtiv and I have furtiv settings at my nokia n82, but I mentioned I use another system for sharing photo via my nokia at online media!
    Yes, its mobypicture.com!
    Its the service by which I can upload photo directly to any online media _ social network _ facebook, microblog _ twitter, tumblr, blog _ blogger, wordpress and so on!
    Hence I love mobypicture!
    Have more than I facebook account, doesn't matter, mobypicture will upload at all those facebook accounts!

    Mobypicture has its own site and you have your own account there!
    Ya, mobypicture is more than a plug in for nokia share online, rather it itself is a photo sharing site from your mobile! And you have to resister at this site using your e mail or you can use your existing twitter account for log in!
    Geotagging system of mobypicture is really awesome, they'll give you a mobymap for your geotagged photos like google map, where you can watch your location from where you took the photos!
    It is one of the greatest feature of mobypicture!
    Set up: (via twitter)
    1. Go to www.mobypicture.com or m.mobypicture.com
    2. Log in via your twitter account!
    3. Now at your account page you'll notice one mail at right column (your id.4 digits@mobypicture.com) note these 4 digits as this 4 digits will required for your nokia share online setup!
    4. Setup your facebook. Services-> +facebook -> authentication!
    5.you can edit the service as it can post both status upload and photo to mobypicture.com album!
    6. Now, go to 'our apps' and select nokia.
    7. Download the plug in from post using share online (if you download at your mobile, then install it, if you download at your pc, then transfer it to mobile and install it)
    8. After installation go to share online of your mobile
    9. Go to Mobypicture.com and give your username and 4 digits pin (remember, this pin isn't your password,its the pin which was give in those mail address I mentioned before)
    10. Done, now start uploading photos on the go via nokia share online!

    How to geotag your photos, its easy!
    Go to camera, options, settings, make the record location on!
    Now wait for the dish icon change :)
    Both furtiv and mobypicture is great solution for facebook photo upload!
    But as I've said mobypicture.com is much more featureable that furtiv.
    You can check my photo blog - photos can speak - photo-blog-sarja.blogspot.com
    You can check my mobymap here www.mobypicture.com/user/n_h_sarja/map
    For java phones you can upload via facebook inbuild email uploadar or mobypicture email uploadar! I'll explain about these features later!
    Now, share photo on the go at facebook and be happy!
    Sent from my Nokia phone
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