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    Sunday, October 3, 2010

    Facebook from Grameenphone : Updating facebook by SMS

    I didn't know about the service from the beginning, but yesterday when I caome to know that banglalink has introduced this facebook sms service, I gave an status at facebook, and some of my friends informed about the GP facebook sms services.

    So, I tried it and become successful!!

    Its a great step for country like Bangladesh – where Internet penetration is very low but mobile phone covers a wide network, I know many people who use facebook but don't have internet enabled set or don't use internet from their cell phones, so SMS is a great option/doorway for them!!

    Now... come to the features .. what to do....?

    Its very simple – type fb and send sms to 2555

    at the return message you will get a code and a link, if you are from a net enabled mobile phone, then its better you follow the link and give your mail add and password if you aren't previously logged it via mobile net!!

    if you aren't from any net enabled device, then go to facebook → account → Account settings → Mobile and give the confirmation code for the respective number.

    Thats it!!

    Now you can post your status via text sms from your number & interestingly get some notification (Message, Add request, Comment at photo) for free of cost!!!!

    How to update status from GP via sms??
    Type a sms starting by is and send to 2555

    Even you can do other things via sms:

    you can send message, post to friends wall, add friends, get friends cell number and so on....
    to know the sms settings in details please click here

    Thats it, its better to have the sms access with your number.

    Thank you – Have a nice Day!!

    Wednesday, September 29, 2010

    My new device – netbook PC!!! - HP mini :)

    life is changing _ now-a-days everyone need a portable device in this busy life, But I didn't own one before. More over I had some kinda thinking that I'll take one portable computer after myMBBS studies, so last year when I bought a new PC – I didn't take any portable one, I was waiting for my ending of MBBS studies.

    And at last its over, so I decided to take a portable device for me.

    Initially I was confused between Laptop and netbook PC – but ultimately I took my decision for Netbook PC.

    Why netbook??

    simple answer, its light , its small moreover user friendly_ & I'm taking it not because of performance basically I need it for maintaining my blog and social networking and recently I've taken a decision to have a personal blog on a specific topics... still working on it, when it'll be completed I'll let you know!!

    ok – its a HP mini!!!

    technical details -

    name – HP mini 110-3000
    OS- Original windows 7 starter
    Processor – Intel Atom 1.83 GHz
    RAM -1GB
    System Type – 32 Bit Operating system

    I took it from BCS Computer city at this(2010) 1st September!!!

    Its already one month I'm with it. And I'm happy with its performance.
    I won't say its that fast, but not that slow as well, good for net browsing, social networking, blogging! More over its charge backup is nice, One day I used 4 and a half hours continuously and remaining charge was 52% - and at that time I used Net and watched one HD movies.

    OK... I'm informing at my blog late – but I mentioned at my twitter at that day and also published a post at prothom alo blog (community bangla blog)....

    You can check my tweet here and my bangla post here....

    Thank you.. have a nice day!!!!

    Tuesday, September 7, 2010

    Grameenphone Internet : GP prepaid unlimited internet is back


    Grameen Phone Internet – OK, at least it can be said it’s the most widespread internet service in Bangladesh (though still lack 3rd Generation – 3G services), but not bad regarding other services.
     Initially they had only 1 service for prepaid internet – that was – p1 pay as you go
    Eventually they provided p2 (unlimited internet service) to prepaid which was initially present only at post paid services! Then GP came out with lots of different services like limited internet of 1GB & 3GB limit. Not only that they provided 1 day unlimited internet services and the recent addition is 15MB – mini pack internet service (Grameen Phone Internet: GP new mini internet package for prepaid!).

    Beside these prepaid services they had unlimited night internet services for postpaid subscribers.
    BUT!! After launching P5 & P6 they restricted the p2 (unlimited) service for prepaid users. So, if you are net freak, you had to move to post paid for proper internet services or move to Banglalink prepaid unlimited service which speed is not as good as GP!

    And at last GP have understood the need of the subscribers of GP and restarted the unlimited service for prepaid again at 9-8-2010 .

    That’s really great, as If you do a lots of things at internet – Net surfing, blogging, chatting, surfing at google earth, uploading lots of photos at facebook or twitter, online job - you can use this service – But remember about the fair usage policy of GP internet, if you are going to use P2P connection please read the GP agreements before using!

    What to do – type p2 and send to 5000 and then confirm it by sending Y to same number.
    Charge – Its better U recharge 1000Tk before doing process though it doesn’t require that much. (Exact money is 982.10Tk including VAT and 2 sms charge).
    To know other GP services you can visit this blog – Grameenphone internet : GP pre paid internet packages

    Thank you!

    Monday, August 23, 2010

    Location based tweet : How to share geotagged / location aware tweet at twitter via Nokia


    Now a days, Twitter is giving more importance in location based tweet.  And due to built in GPS services at Mobile phones it has become very easy. There are lots of Nokia application out there for this kind of geotagged tweet. But gravity and twibble is the popular ones.

    How To Do::

    1st you have to change some setting at twitter :
    Log in twitter -> settings -> account -> Mark the Add a location to your tweets
    Now download gravity or twibble to your symbian Nokia device

    Gravity GPS settings :

    Start Gravity -> Options -> Tools -> GPS to clipboard (wait until the moving button at bottom become off)
    -> now during writing tweet  press the up button (in non touch phone) or press the GPS (touch phone) and wait until it become yellow or green.

    Twibble GPS settings:

    Start twibble -> refresh the time line (it happens automatically, if you don’t change the settings) -> menu -> Location -> Start GPS (Now wait until it get GPS connection) when it’ll get GPS connection it’ll show GPS at the topmost bar and during writing tweet the exact location is shown at top bar) -> tweet now it’ll be automatically Geotagged now)

    How a geotagged tweet looks like::

    It looks like normal tweet but there will be a location logo just below the tweet  and when one will click the button it’ll start a mini Google map there and the location from where the tweet is been shared.

    Simply, one geo tagged tweet can say lot more words than a non geotagged tweet!!

    Here is one of my geotagged tweet which I shared from Bashudhara city(largest shopping mall of Bangladesh)
    Geotagged Tweet
      you can follow me at twitter @n_h_sarja

    Friday, August 20, 2010

    Nokia Geo-tagged Photo :: How to capture geo-tagged photos from Nokia phone


    Geotag is the system by which your captured photo will bear the information of the location from which the photo is taken. The information will be present in the meta data of the photo.

    Initially, to capture Geotagged photo minimum 2 devices (One camera or Camera mobile and one GPS receiver) were required. But now by using the newer mobile phones it has become very easier.

    Most of the newer mobile devices have built in GPS receiver and with the help of this built in GPS receiver one can easily captured photo with geotagging!

    Most of the new nokia mobile phones have built in GPS receiver, so its easily to capture geo tagged photo using these mobiles. And, if you have this kinda mobile, so why won't you share the GPS located photos at your twitter share or facebook share or directly at your facebook album, picasa album, flicker or panoramio???


    to share geo tagged photo directly (from nokia mobile) to facebook, you can read these 2 posts below:

    So, its easy to capture geotagged photo using your built in GPS device!!

    Settings :

    • Go to 'Camera' of your Nokia mobile
    • Now go to 'Options'
    • scroll down to go to 'Settings'
    • Here you will find 'Record location' and go there
    • make it 'On'

      Thats it, Now your Nokia mobile is capable to take Geotagged photo.

      How to captured:
      You have to be under open sky (not always required, but indoor photos take a long time to be Geotagged.

      On the camera _ Now you will notice a 'Dish' logo / icon or a 'Tag' logo / icon at the bottom line of camera.

      Initially it would have a cut marking over it (DISH) or a cut line (Tag)

      Wait upto the mobile become Geo-tagged – When it will be geo tagged – the cut marking will go away.

      Now, you can capture photo and that will be geotagged by itself.
      Share these photos with geo location at facebook or twitter (using furtiv or mobypicture) or at flicker, picasa album or at OVI share!!

      I'm sharing a photo hat I shaed at moypicture ad which is geotgged!!

      Posted using Mobypicture.com
      you will find the locaton at ight coumn of the picture!!

      Direct steps → Camera → Options → Settings → Record Location → On → Wait to get GPS data → Capture the photo

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