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    Saturday, March 6, 2010

    One touch facebook photo upload from nokia!!!

    Form many days Im searching some solution of easy photo sharing to facebook directly from nokia phone. I tried from my nokia n82 but failed, what I could do, I could upload by nokia mailing tools by attatching the photo.

    But, It was not user friendly at all. Then recently I have got nokia 5800 from womworld nokia for 2 weeks use. Here I have got an experience of using facebook application made for touch screen nokia symbian devices. The application is really nice & user friendly. Its really so easy to upload photo to any album! Great application, I wrote about this application at my previous blog.

    Yes, iys a solution for the touch based symbian nokia devices, but what about the other ones as like n82, n95 & the other n series and e series phones (symbian phones)??

    Then I have got a great plug in for all these device (symbian devices having nokia share 3)! Its furtiv facebook plug in. Its a really awesome tools, may be its the best and no doubt the easiest one of all tools. I have used it from nokia n82 & from nokia 5800. Its nice from all these phones.

    Whats the nice features for this tooll??

    You can upload any photo just by one click after taking the photo.
    It will act as an extention of nokia share.
    no need to log in to any software, just post the photo directly from the camera or gallery application.

    What you have to do?

    Just go to ovi application, search as facebook plug in furtiv,
    you will get it, its a very small plug in, download it to your mobile.
    Then open the application, it will take some time and then press the activate button.

    Thats it!!

    Now set your account by logging in to facebook.

    Now after taking photo or from gallery you can upload directly to facebook by using publish to web!!!

    Isn't it great????

    (the blog is written and published from nokia 5800)
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