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    Saturday, May 1, 2010

    Salute to Afghanistan Cricket Team


    They didn't have all the international standard instrument to practice, even not an international standard play ground!

    They didn't pass a regular childhood, rather they pass their childhood in refugee camp, they grown up in a was torn country!

    This is the the actual scenario behind the Afghanistan Cricket Team!

    But their hard work and love have overcome all these barriers. They have proved themselves as an 'International Standard Cricket Team'

    I salute all the Cricket Players of Afghan Cricket Team as they are representing a peaceful Afghanistan even after a post war condition. They are making Afghanistan united and leading to a peaceful condition.

    Today the whole world will watch them - the warriors with cricket skill 1st ever in any international standard tournament. Today they'll play against India as their 1st group match.

    Doesn't matter, what will be the result but what they are doing for a war torn - broken nation, thats the main thing.

    Best of luck Afghanistan Cricket Team. :)

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