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    Tuesday, March 9, 2010

    ECG knowledge sharing….

    ECG is nothing but the graphical presentation of electrical activity of heart which is not only important for the cardiologist but also for physicians. From the starting of my final year I am very interested with ECG.

    I am more interested for clinical changes of ECG than the physiological changes (but everyone must have a very minimum physiological knowledge of the conductive system of heart)….

    Now, I give demo to several of my year mate friends about ECG & I like it very much… Have a plan to share this information here at my blog so that everyone get a chance to understand the change easily….


    Planing to have diffarent blog for diffarent topics.....

    Now I have several blogs, but all the blogs are running in a same tract, but I take this blog as my main blog. I like to blog in diffarent topics. I blog for mobile phones specially nokia mobiles, diffarent features and functions of mobile phones. I blog for open source operating system mainly for linux operating system-ubuntu, slax. Like to spread linux to other people.

    I blog for social networking systems.. For twitter and facebook.

    Not only the tech ones , but also I blog for medical related topics specially diseases related and surgery related topics alng with ECG.

    I blog for my country and I share the historical moments of Bangladesh.

    And I at last but not the least, I blog about my journry of life.....

    So, now I am planning to have diffarent blogspot blog on diffarent relevent topics....

    But I shall put all the updates and informations at this blog......

    Thank you. May be I will do this after my final mbbs examination.....
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