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    Monday, June 7, 2010

    Banglalink Internet :: Banglalink pre paid 'desh' internet packages

    Banglalink is the second largest mobile company in Bangladesh following Grameenphone. Though grameenphone is the pioneer mobile company for Mobile internet in Bangladesh, now a days Banglalink is giving importance in its internet service.

    But, where Grameen phone and robi (aktel) have different packages for mobile internet , there Banglalink has only 2 packages and those are call package specific!

    # Packages of Banglalink pre paid internet :

    P1 : on the go package
    It costs 0.02tk per kb and it doesn't require and monthly bundle money.
    You can use it in any packages of Banglalink prepaid - Desh, ek desh, ek desh ek rate, rongdhonu, desh rang!
    How to activate : write P1 & send to 3343

    P2 : unlimited internet for 15 days!
    Charge - 350tk/15 days
    How to activate : write P2 & send to 3343
    But the most irritating matter is, you can't use it in any prepaid call package, only desh users can use this!
    How funny! For me 'ek desh ek rate' package suites me, but if I want to use unlimited net, then I have to convert to the tradition old call rate package!
    But, GP doesn't have these kinda problems, one can use any prepaid packages in any call rate plan - Shohoj, Bondhu, Apon!
    What ever, there's no option for checking usage limit as Banglalink doesn't have any data limited service for prepaid!

    Settings in mobile:
    You have to save apn: blweb
    Settings in pc suite:

    Same apn have to be given : blweb

    You'll get Banglalink mobile internet where they've their mobile network.
    But you'll get EDGE service only at large cities!

    Published from my Nokia N82
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