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    Wednesday, April 21, 2010

    Destiny NCL T20 champion : Rajshahi Rangers :-)


    Congratulation to Rajshahi Rangers as the champion of 1st season of Destiny NCL T20.

    Yes, previously I said my hope, excitement and disappointment about this National Cricket League T20, Bangladesh. But, you know its the 1st season of NCL. And I'll say as the 1st season its successful. It was full of drama as Dhaka Dynamites defeated at semi final who was unbeaten previously throughout the series.
    Its only one story, NCL was full of these kinda twists.

    And todays match - final match was awesome, we have seen some great shots and fielding in this match and it was a tight game as well!

    But, at last Khaled Masud Pilot's team -Rajshahi Rangers win the battle!
    They played good cricket in every spectrum, so they deserved it.

    Kings of Khulna, the runner up team, also played well, but some bad decision of their captain and few bad fieldings they lost the match.

    Kings of Khulna 161/6 after 20 over
    Rajshahi Rangers crossed this score by 20 over with 6 wickets in hand!

    Rajshahi Rangers won the final match by 6 wickets.

    Special Thanks goes to ATN Bangla , who telecasted all the matched live.

    And in final match stadium was full of people, who enjoyed the game, the other entertainment of game as well like light show and live concert but cricket was the center of all these things!

    After the match BCB chairman said their plan of continuing NCL, he said next season of NCL will be much better than this one.

    Yes, full Bangladesh enjoyed this NCL, though it didn't get much international attention (ongoing IPL is one of the cause of this) . But I think we will get some more interesting NCL in next season.

    Thanks to BCB to organise this kind of tournament and thanks to all the sponsors to promote this tournament.

    Before ending congrats to Rajshahi Rangers again specially to Kaled Masud Pilot.

    Best of luck - NCL!


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