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    Friday, April 30, 2010

    Social networking is getting importance


    Initially it was only to maintain connection with friends and family, but now most of the online things is related with this social networking web site, from blog post to academic work each and everything is now present in there social networking websites.

    Recently I've heard that microsoft is going to add their document writing software with facebook as facebook doc so that anyone can write and read document file directly from facebook.

    Twitter is going straight forward where facebook is becoming more and more complex. Its true that simplicity is the power of twitter and as both social networking and microblogging site it's becoming more important for bloggers as privacy isn't much important for twitter.

    Come on to the center, I'm not writing any review of facebook and twitter, but these social networking sites getting more and more importance to the people and to the developers as well.

    Now a days people like to share on the go, in every media facebook, twitter, blog!

    Recently in new release version of ubuntu, ubuntu 10.04 they have developed an in build social networking application where one can easily maintain all his important social networking websites.

    But its unusual that you'll always carry a laptop or netbook for sharing in social networks, rather cell phones are more important in these field to share in social networks even in between a hectic schedule.

    Black berry, iphone, android had this kind of facility from before. Now, Nokia has come out with these services with their c3 c6 and e5 handsets. All these sets have inbuild social networking facility with location sharing and direct photo and video unloading facility.

    Its just the begining of the social networking, as It has becoming more and more transparent day by day and sharing is becoming more and more easier with these mobile phones.

    Hope in near future these mobile companies will include such kinda blogging factures with theses phones.

    Published from my Nokia N82

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