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    Saturday, May 29, 2010

    Facebook BREAKING NEWS ::: facebook is Banned in Bangladesh

    Yes :-( Facebook is banned in Bangladesh. Sad news for us. But BTRC says its temporary (according to the daily star). I can't access facebook from my pc from this evening. Suddenly facebook website was not opening. I thought may be some net problem or some net speed problem, but few times ago I got information from the daily star and bdnews24.

    Not clear for me. But may be some anti political activities by some facebook users. One facabook user is arrested by Rapid Action Bettelion 10 this morning due to some illegal anti political activities. (personaly I don't know about it, but daily star says due to some cartoons of our famous leaders - know nothing about it)

    Some people says, they can still use facebook from Mobile using opera mini!
    Yes, because opera mini usages different IP address by itself. (there may be some other cause, but I think its the main cause! )

    Suddenly twitter is becoming famous ::
    Yes, due to ban of facebook, Bangladeshi social networking users are moving towards twitter. I gave my last status as ' I'm available in twitter as @n_h_sarja '

    {This page will automatically published in my facebook as it is a preset system, so if you find this in facebook, please don't think that I've done it as its not possible, that is banned. But due to the automatic feed updates it'll show at facebook.}

    Whatever next ::
    Hope govt will remove the ban after the illegal activities become normal. Hope the lag time will be short. We should help our country for our better development.

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