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    Sunday, May 30, 2010

    Facebook Breaking News in Bangladesh :: facebook is still blocked in Bangladesh

    Facebook is still banned in Bangladesh. None can use it from computer or from mobile using inbuilt mobile browser!
    Yesterday in my last post I wrote about the causes of blocking facebook from various online and news media. Today same news is come out in every print media. One facebook user named Mahbub Alam Rodin is arrested by RAB due to illegal activities against popular leader of Bangladesh. And prothom alo website also mentioned other cause of some anti religious facebook group.
    What ever, the main point is its TEMPORARY! So, hope for the shortest period of banning!
    Some can still use facebook from Bangladesh::
    Yes, easily anyone can use facebook from opera mini browser as it uses some European IP address itself.
    Some people is using proxy server for using facebook in computer.

    Come on, approx 8 lac of users use facebook from Bangladesh and most of the users don't know this kinda technology to use facebook from Bangladesh. And when the facebook is banned most of the users aren't able to use it from Bangladesh.
    Some has shifted to twitter but twitter is more a microblogging site than a social network. Moreover twitter is not as popular as facebook in Bangladesh.
    Better we wait for the unban of facebook soon and hope all those illegal activities will be deleted from facebook soon.
    {This page will automatically published in my facebook as it is a preset system, so if you find this in facebook, please don't think that I've done it as its not possible, that is banned. But due to the automatic feed updates it'll show at facebook.}
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