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    Monday, April 12, 2010

    NCL T20 : Full of Excitement, Hope and Disappointment!


    All these things are happening now is started by ICL - Indian Cricket League , but it was not authorized by the cricket board of India. So, it didn't find the success, rather all the players who played for them passed a very difficult time with their national cricket authority.

    What ever, to counteract that event Indian Cricket Board came out with the most exciting cricket league, IPL , no need to explain about IPL, as almost everyone who understand cricket, know about this league.

    Influenced by these events, PCL has come out, its the 1st T20 league of Bangladesh named Port City Cricket League. They came out with everything to make it Nationaly and Internationaly popular, but failed to do so even after their 2nd season in Sharjah.

    After these events, BCB - Bangladesh Cricket Board has come out with NCL T20, which stands for National Cricket League T20.

    Hey, it has all the elements to become really popular in Bangladesh as well in south asia.

    6 teams are playing this event, according to 6 Divisions of Bangladesh, but the name of the teams has the effects of the most popular cricket league, IPL.

    ATN BANGLA is telecasting these matches Live. There are many foreign players as well mainly from Pakistan (as IPL didn't take any player from Pakistan), and from other popular cricket playing nations.

    Full of Excitement:

    Yes, NCL T20 is full of excitement, as it has all the elements that require for this 'excitement'. It has all the national popular players, has many internationaly popular players, has media support from ATN BANGLA, has all the exiting events of T20, at last but not the least, has interesting name for every team ;-) .

    Come on, what do you want more? People of Bangladesh are talking everywhere about this event, from road side tea stall to class room. Everyone is supporting different teams. Awesome!

    'Full of Hope' :

    Yes, NCL T20 is full of hope for the development in Bangladesh cricket. Its also a great support for those players who want to take cricket professionaly.

    After this full of excitement and hope, now comes 'full of Disappointment' :

    Sad but true, BCB didn't give proper attention to make it more popular both nationaly and internationaly or they didn't give many important thing importance!!
    Starting from website, (hey, ncl doesn't have any official website) to fan pages everywhere there is disappointment and disappointment.

    No need to say about twitter and facebook support, as they don't have their official website, how can I think about pages at social community websites?

    Even the teams don't have their personal website and official twitter account. But here is a little differance, as I found fan pages for each and every team playing at ncl. And they says it's their official page. I don't know, even don't understand, if one team don't have their web page, how they can have their official facebook group.

    Not only BCB, but also disappointments comes from cricinfo!

    Cricinfo isn't covering NCL live, regarding their website its a very regular national event. They haven't mention the names of the them even, only mentioned the name of the region!


    Hope, NCL will come out from these backward condition and one day will become really popular like other cricket leagues. :-)

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