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    Wednesday, December 16, 2009

    How to make partition at Hard disk using UBUNTU live CD!!


    Its very easy to make or delete – more over maintaining partition from a UBUNTU live CD.

    As the ubuntu is free (open source) so this procedure doesn't require any money.

    What yo have to do:

    insert an ubuntu live cd at your CD rom

    restart your PC (if live CD doesn't start normally, please set CD/DVD as the first priority for Boot)

    Live CD will run normally

    Select ENGLISH as language first,

    Select 'Try ubuntu without any change to Computer'

    After few times our PC will be started with live ubuntu

    go to terminal – (Application → Accessories → Terminal)

    write ' gksudo gparted ' and give the access if needed

    it will satrt Gparted and now you can easily maintain, change (size and type of partition).



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