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    Saturday, March 27, 2010

    using Banglalink Internet!

    For regular internet use I prefer mobile internet connection. And I am using this internet service from the beginning of mobile internet in my country (Bangladesh). Initially I used Grameenphone internet, it’s the most popular mobile service provider in Bangladesh, supported by telenor. Their internet service is better than others. But sometimes the service fall down may be because of pressure of higher number of mobile usage under same BTS.
    Whatever, coming to the center of today’s topic, it’s about Banglalink internet.

    Banglalink is the second largest mobile service provider in Bangladesh which is supported by ORASCOM Telecom Ltd. I am a Banglalink subscriber for mobile usage, though normally I use Grameenphone for internet use. But this time I have changed to Banglalink, because its not easy to use 2 mobile sets always – one for talking, other for internet use.

    Moreover, I get some benefit here, which are not present in GP internet.

    I get unlimited package in pre paid, GP doesn’t provide this service.

    It’s cheaper than GP internet.

    Now I have checked the speed from speed test.

    Check it out,

    Not good, but not bad as well. If you think its Bangladesh and we do not have any 3G service provider yet.
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