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    Wednesday, March 31, 2010

    Review of Banglalink Internet speed!

    As we don't have 3G service in our country, so for mobile browsing we have to rely on EDGE.
    Now-a-days most of our mobile subscribers are providing EDGE service. In my last post I compared between GP & Banglalink internet.

    In my previous post “using Banglalink Internet” I wrote about Banglalink speed, then someone of my junior colleagues said about his Banglalink speed which is about 28kbps (where I get 15-16kbps).

    Yes It can happen, as these mobile internet services are based on location, data usage by other people under same BTS, distance fro BTS, obstruction from BTS.... so, I have checked my Banglalink internet speed again from speedtest.net!

    But, its almost same for me, I'm getting average 15-16kbps with lots of fluctuation.
    Here is the speedtest result.

    Don't know when we will able to use 3G in Bangladesh. Sad but true most of the south Asian countries have this service but we don't.

    Whats your net speed??
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