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    Tuesday, April 6, 2010

    NO way!! permanently switched to GrameenPhone!!

    For more than 2 years I have been using Banglalink for my call and some sort of internet usage. Banglalink internet was not that bad, but suddenly for few days it is creating several problems specially in terms of internet usage.

    Here comes the most funny character of the Banglalink internet, it connects with net at my parents room (beside my room) and gets a good net connection as well but strangely in my room it doesn't get connect with Banglalink internet!!!! its really strange, what ever, it was not possible to use this kind of net any more.

    More over, in Bangladesh if anyone goes outside any big city he'll get GPRS connection in Banglalink, but in case of GrameenPhone one will get EDGE in most of the peripheral area in my country.

    Not only that, but also GP has different internet packages for prepaid and it can be used in any prepaid package. But in banglalink, :-S only one package and it must be used in a fixed call rate (desh). Its very uncomfortable for anyone to use this kind of services.

    So, using GrameenPhone for both net usage and call services.

    Sharing the net speed of GP in my location:

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