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    Sunday, February 28, 2010

    Waiting..... :-)

    Last month I got mail from womworld nokia regarding a trial use of nokia 5800 xm for 2 weeks, but due to my medicine exam I could not checked mail at that time, I responded 20-25 days later and they replaied after few days!

    After that, I got mail from womworld and DHL regarding shiping process of the mobile set and today at DHL web service I have noticed about the arrival of the set at Dhaka!

    Now Im just waiting for the further procedure and specialy for the 5800.... I have not used it yet (Im n82 user), but I think its a good device for net browsing, texting & mailing, blogging, music and for some other purposes as I said before like easy note taking(scratch pad), for movie.....

    Now, simply waiting..... :)
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